45 terms

Arab-Israeli notes

3 religions that trace back to Abraham
Judaism, Islam, Christianity
Abraham's 2 sons
Isaac (Sarah), Ishmael (Hagar). Isaac's descendants are Jews, Ishmael's descendants are the Muslims
present day Israel- was controlled by the British in WWI
Ottoman empire
Made of primarily Muslims; used to take up what's now know as Israel
coming Into a nation
Exiting a nation
What's the fight over?
British promised the land to these people
Jews and Palestinians
Why did Jews want Palestine?
God promised the land to them and temples they built there years ago still contained the arc of the covenant
desire for Jewish state (started in late 1800's); populartiy grew after holocaust
a supporter of Zionism
Partition plan
1947- UN splits Palestine into two countries; Israel was created for the Jews. Plan passed (Arab nation protest and warS break out)
Reasons the UN divided the land the was they did
1. population
2. fresh water
3. fertile land
Independence War
1948: Arab neighbors attacked. Israel was prepared and took land from them to push enemies away
Palestinian Refugees
went into neighboring countries for support
People fleeing their countries looking for a safe place to go because of famine, war, and natural disaesters. They are extremely poor and left to the mercy of the nation they go to
four neighboring nations that attacked
Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, and Egypt
Green line
AKA Pre-1967 boundary; between Israel and West bank, splits Jerusalem in half
Six day War
1967: Israel launched attacks against neighbors (Egypt, Jordan, and Syria; PREEMPTIVE STRIKE
land Israel seized in six day war
Sinai peninsula and Gaza strip from Egypt, west bank from Jordan, Golan heights from Syria
Israel's prime minister
Egypt's President
Anwar Sadet
Negotiated for Israel and Palestine
Jimmy Cater
Camp David Accords
1978: peace agreement. Israel got peace and recognition; Egypt got peninsula back
Western wall
last part left of the Jew's temple
Dome of the rock
marks the place mohammad rose into heave and where Abraham almost sacrificed his son
Temple mount
what Jews call the sacred hill in Jerusalem and where the first two temples were built.
Noble sanctuary
what Muslims call the hill in Jerusalem
old city
the first parts of the city, Jerusalem
Jerusalem, borders, settlements, refugees, water
five reasons blocking peace
Holy sites
temple mount, western wall (retaining wall), dome of the rock, noble sanctuary,
payment for harm done
water for wells
terrorist political group in Gaza strip that kicked the PA out only supported by Syria
Palestinian Authority
negotiates with Israel; based in West Bank
Palestinian Liberty Organization
changed their name to the PA
Oslo 1
laid out long term goals- eventual withdrawal from WB. Israel wants recognition and Pal. wants recognition.
gaza battle
Hamas won elections in Gaza
Oslo 2
omitted key issues- Palestinians got more land. IN norway
Yassar Arafat
leader of hamas. negotiated in Oslo accords
Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin
negotiated in olso accords for Israel
Arab spring
Hosni-Mubarak was forced to step down from power and flee
Wye Accords
in america. some Palestinian prisoners were released, gave Palestinians more control and two safe passages to Gaza,
contiguous nation
connected nation