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  1. An output device that prints out a hardcopy of your work.
  2. The brain of the computer.
  3. An input device used for the entry of text, numbers and punctuation.
  4. Programs that run on your computer.
  5. An on-screen display listing your choices within a program.
  6. A handheld pointing device for computers, involving one or more buttons and shaped to sit under the hand.

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  1. RAMA permanent memory chip inside a computer. Its contents connot be changed or erased.


  2. ModemA communication device that converts one form of a signal to another.


  3. IconA small picture or symbol of a computer command or function.


  4. MotherboardThe heart of your computer.


  5. File serverFile/storage device used by all users on a network.


  6. Disk driveThe part of your computer which reads programs and data from your disk.