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  1. hydrophobic
  2. isomers
  3. lipids
  4. glycogen
  5. steroids
  1. a fats/triglyceride
  2. b forms starch in liver and muscles
  3. c non-soluble in/not attracted to H2O
  4. d a compound that has the same molecular formula as another compound
  5. e C-chain bent to fused rings, sex hormones, monomers for natural steroids

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  1. addition of H2O
  2. small, single units
  3. loss of water
  4. most sugars assume ring structure in an aqueous solution
  5. NH2

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  1. functions of monosaccharidesE source, insulation, cushions organs


  2. disaccharidestwo joined monosaccharides by dehydration


  3. OH GROUPpresence of OH


  4. starchenergy reservoir


  5. organic compoundscontain carbon, found in living systems