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Chapter 8 Test

Political Parties AP Government GoPo
1. In the description of political parties as .three-headed political giants,. which of the following
is NOT considered one of those three heads?
the party-out-of-power
2. The key spokespersons for political parties come from which of its major components?
the party-in-government
4. A political party is best defined as
a team of men and women seeking control of the governing apparatus by gaining office
in a duly constituted election.
5. As ________, political parties serve the role of translating inputs from the public into outputs
from policymakers.?
linkage institutions
6. American political parties tend to take middle-of-the-road stands on major issues?
because most of the American electorate are centrist.
7. The theory that seeks to explain political processes and outcomes as consequences of
purposive behavior is called the
rational-choice theory.
11. Power in the major United States political parties is
fragmented among local, state, and national party organizations.
13. A party machine is a kind of local party organization that
uses specific and material inducements to win party loyalty and power.
14. In blanket primaries,
voters may vote for candidates from either party
15. Closed primaries
encourage party loyalty.
19. Keeping the party operating between conventions is the job of the
national committee.
21. Party realignments in the United States.
are rare events in the United States, usually associated with a major national crisis or
trauma, in which one party's majority domination is replaced with another's.
22. The first party system in the United States consisted of the
Federalists and Democratic-Republicans.
24. During the second party system in United States history, Martin Van Buren argued that
a governing party needed a loyal opposition party to represent parts of society that it
could not.
27. What sort of realignment has occurred in the current party era?
a Southern realignment
29. In a winner-take-all system.
unless a party wins, there is no reward for the votes it gets.
3. Which of the following do you need to become a Republican or Democrat?
All you need to do is believe that you belong to the party of your choice.
10. Which group is most likely to engage in ticket splitting?
12. What are patronage jobs?
Jobs givenfor political reasons rather than for merit or competence
16. If you are regitered as Republican, you can vote in a(n)
Republican closes primary
open primary
blanket primary
18. Which is primarily responsible for crafting the political party's platform nd for nominating its candidates for president and vice president?
National convention
20. An exmple of a critical election is
The displacement of the majority Republicans with the Democrats during the Great Depression of the 1930s.
23. Who created the first national bank and, with it, the beginnings of our party system?
Alexander Hamilton
25. Which of the following is FALSE regarding the new deal coalition?
The New Deal colition did little to win the support of Jews and Catholics
28. Where is the proportional method mot commonly used?
30. Which of these is NOT part of the responsible party model?
The minority party must promote the majority party's platform.
26. Which of the following statements about the coalitions of the two major parties is false?
17.Which of the following statements is TRUE?
About one third of all states have a provision on their ballots that enable voters to vote for all of one party's cansisates with a singlr act.
and Straight-ticket voting makes support of party organization less important to cansisates running for office.