Joints and Types of Bones

where two or more bones meet
examples of immovable joints
sutures, teeth
examples of slightly movable joints
costal cartilage, intervertebral disks, pubis symphysis
types of freely movable joints
ball and socket, pivot, hinge, gliding
examples of ball and socket joints
shoulder, hip
examples of pivot joints
neck, forearms
examples of hinge joints
knees, fingers, toes
examples of gliding joints
wrists, ankles
examples of long bones
femur, fibula
examples of short bones
carpal bones
examples of flat bones
scapula, skull, ribs
examples of irregular bones
vertebrae, sacrum
example of sesamoid bones
function of long bones
gives us our height
function of short bones
good for side-to-side and back-and-forth movements
where sesamoid bones are typically found
within tendons of joints that are very active
parts of a long bone
epiphysis, diaphysis, articular cartilage