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where two or more bones meet

examples of immovable joints

sutures, teeth

examples of slightly movable joints

costal cartilage, intervertebral disks, pubis symphysis

types of freely movable joints

ball and socket, pivot, hinge, gliding

examples of ball and socket joints

shoulder, hip

examples of pivot joints

neck, forearms

examples of hinge joints

knees, fingers, toes

examples of gliding joints

wrists, ankles

examples of long bones

femur, fibula

examples of short bones

carpal bones

examples of flat bones

scapula, skull, ribs

examples of irregular bones

vertebrae, sacrum

example of sesamoid bones


function of long bones

gives us our height

function of short bones

good for side-to-side and back-and-forth movements

where sesamoid bones are typically found

within tendons of joints that are very active

parts of a long bone

epiphysis, diaphysis, articular cartilage

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