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Citizenship #87-103

Give 4 examples of the duties of a U.S. citizen.
Write aletter/e-mail to a congressioonal leader, donate $ to compaigns, participate in elections, support community service efforts.
Give 3 examples of the requirments of a U.S. citizen.
Pay local, state, and federal taxes, sereve on a jurry, register for military duty at 18 years of age.
What is a natualized citizen?
One who is born in another country and completes process to become a U.S. citizen.
What are the requirments for becoming a nationalized citizen?
18 years old, live in the U.S. for 5 years, be law-abiding, shaw a basic knowledge of the U.S. Constitution.
Can a natualized citizen become president?
What groups try to influence legislation?
PACs and intrest groups (Political Action Comm.)
List 4 services citizen's tax dollars support:
Public roads, schools, police/fire, parks.
Who is the current U.S. President?
Barack Obama.
Who is the current U.S VP?
Joe Biden
Who is the current Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court?
John Roberts since 2005.
List California's two Senators:
Barbra Boxe-Democrat
Diane Feinstein-Democrat
What number congressional district is Tustin/Irvine?
Who is your current House of Representative?
John Campell-Republican
Who is the current governer of California?
Jerry Brown
What is the capitol of California?
What number of electoral votes does the state of California get?
List examples of $ Executive (Cabinet) Departments:
Department of Labor, Department of Education, Department of Agriculture, Department of Defense