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a custom that called for a widow to throw herself on her husband's funeral fire.


governed India in the name of the monarch

Ram Mohun Roy

condemned rigid cast distinctions, child marriage, sati, and purdah


the removal of trees


Indian soldiers


isolation of women in separate quarters

What were the causes of the Sepoy Rebellion in northern and central India?

Indian soldiers were told to bite off the tips of their rifle cartridges. This order cause a rebellion because the cartridges were greased with animal fat, violating local religious beliefs.

How did British colonial rule affect Indian agriculture?

British encouraged Indian farmers to grow cash crops which led to massive deforestation and famines.

How did Indians and British view each others culture in 1800's?

There was great mistrust on each others part. British did not like Indian culture and felt that western educated Indians would support British rule. Indians dreamed of ending British control.

How are the origins of Indian nationalism linked to British rule?

The Indiannationalists learning from being under British control, formed the Indian National Congress and began pressing for self-rule.

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