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all organismms or living things are made of ___.

splits or divides

every cell in every living thing comes from another cell that ___________.


A single-celled organism that can carry on all its life processes is called_______.


Organisms made up of more than one cell are called _________.

1 billion

Scientists estimate that there are _______ kinds of unicellular organisms


Both plant and animal cells perform life processes by using __________.

cell membrane

All cells are surrounded by a ____ _____ that controls the materials that move in and out of the cell.


The region between the cell membrane and the nucleus is filed with ______________.


The cell's control center is called the __________.


The tiny power plants in the cell where food is broken down and energy is released are called _______________.


A structure in a cell used for storage of water, food, and wated is called _______________

cell wall

Plant cells have a _______, a rigid structure that serves as an outer covering.


A green structure called a ________ uses the energy from the Sun to produce food for the plant.


what is needed to view cells?


In the 1940s, ______ microscopes were created that were 40,000 times more powerful than previous microscopes.


All living things are made of ________.


Living things carry out __________basic life functions.


Living things must be able to _____ or make more of their own kind.


Organisms can react or ____________ to their environment.


A group of similar cells called a ______ work together to do the same job in an organism.


Different kinds of tissues can perform different _____ in an organism.


The flesh of fruits is an example of tissue that can be found in many ____.


Different tissues working together form a ______.

organ system

When different organs work togther they form a ____ ___.

root system

The roots are the main organ in the ___ ____ of plants.

stems and leaves

What makes up the shoot system in plants.


In the salamander, the organ system that breaks down food for the energy is the ______ system.

bones, muscles, and brain

What are the parts of the organ systsems that control movement and responses?


The ____ is the part of the circulatory system which transports blood and other materials

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