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Quiz on November 15, 2011


solid substance found naturally in the earth's surface


concentrated areas of specific minerals


materials with usable amounts of metal in them


used to separate ore form other materials


soft and shape-able


unused farmland resting for a season

ground cover

unused fields planted with a low growing crop

contour plowing

method used to keep water washing soil away


all of earth's lakes, oceans, streams, rivers, soil, underground, and air water

water cycle

traveling water


salty because of dissolved minerals


small plant that makes up the first line in the ocean's food chain

ground water

rainwater that has flowed into soil and is stored underneath the earth's surface


layers of sand,gravel, and rock that hold and move ground water

draw down

when the water level falls because there is too much water taken and there is less water


water vapor in the air

ice sheet

huge expanse of ice, essentially a glacier

ice shelf

floating ice


Independently floating ice

sea ice

frozen ocean water


using less amount of resources


using something again that would be thrown away


turning produces into other products

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