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there are 2 worlds of creation, there is the world of أَمر and there is the world of خَلْق, there is the seen world of creation (where A created the universe, the solar systems, the planets, the galaxies) and there is the unseen world (the world of angels, the world of the rooh, the world of paradise and hellfire, the world of the jinn),

the seen world A made it خَلْق and خَلْق has a certain quality, like a tree it doesnt just turn into a tree, it is a seed, it goes through a process, it grows and eventually turns into a tree, it goes through a process, human beings dont come out of their mother educated, they are أُمِّيّ and they learn over time

the world of أَمر is instantaneous, so the angel can travel from the 7th heaven and get to the earth instantaneously, but if we tried to even touch the sun or tried to reach another planet/another solar system with the best technologies we have available it would take us an infinite amount of time, so the world of أَمر is not limited by the time constraints that the world of خَلْق is, they are 2 different dimensions

but the human being is a combination of both of them, our body is from أَلْخَلْق and and the rooh is from أَلْأَمر it is from the world of أَمر , that is why the rooh at night it travels to the skies, the rooh can be taken from the body in the night and then it is delivered back, and that same journey the body cant take, the body is not able to make that journey

all of خَلْق is dictated/is under أَمر ,
أَمر is the superior/more powerful realm, so sometimes أَمر interferes with خَلْق , like fire burns is a matter of خَلْق , but sometimes the أَمر of A comes and says no today fire wont burn, like Ibrahim AS, like the bush burning when Musa AS got to the top of the mountain, that is the أَمر of A that interfered with خَلْق , water retains its shape, you put it in a cup it is the shape of a cup, you put it in a pan it is the shape of a pan, that is the خَلْق/creation of water, but when the أَمر of A comes and Musa AS strikes his staff the أَمر of A interferes with خَلْق and the water breaks the laws of nature, it is the world of أَلْأَمر imposing itself on the world of أَلْخَلْق

the Q is from the أَمر of A, that is why it is not subject to any change/alteration, it cant be modified or destroyed bec all of those things/any attempt to change it would be an attempt by خَلْق , it is beyond that

the fitrah of the human being which is also called the rooh which is the أَمر of A which is why every single newborn has it, it doesnt matter how/where they were born what ethnicity/century they are, they will have that in them, physical impairments are a problem of خَلْق but the problem of أَمر wont be there, they are always going to have a rooh, the rooh is going to be there,
everything starts with little things, you dont turn into a spiritual sage in 2 days, it doesnt happen, we have to instill certain healthy practices into our life that allow us to build a relationship with A, 1. the first of them is "do no harm", do no harm to others, and do no harm to yourself, dont kill yourself spiritually, dont watch filth, dont use foul language, dont be in company that uses foul language, dont backbite against people, everytime you harm yourself and others your heart is damaged, it gets a little more stained, and it is a little more distant from A, that is the first thing that we have to constantly work on, 2. immediately, this is not when I become pure then I shall introduce this in my life, making small adhkaar, every one of you should have a copy of hisnul Muslim (the fortress of the Muslim) and every one of us should memorize as many duas from that as possible and use them, every action of ours a beautiful dua is tied to it, memorize 1 of them a day and use it immediately, you dont have to memorize all of the versions of it, memorize at least one, and it tells you what the dua means, I guarantee you if you can instill 4 to 6 of these duas in your daily life that are associated with daily actions that we do anyway you will feel a spirituality that you have never felt before in your life, you will feel closer to A than you have ever felt, all you have to do is be cognisant of the fact that you are talking to A and you are making this dua not bec it is a subconscious habit but you are actually talking to A in these actions and you will notice a significant difference in how you feel about A and how you remember A, and if you dont do this then you will find it very hard to think about A to converse with A in salat bec A is too abstract a concept for you, it hasnt hit home, these simple duas that PMP taught us are a very easy way to get started, it is a really easy way to get a head start in spirituality, to develop that for ourselves, you should be enthusiastic in memorizing duas, the entire salat is considered a dua, memorize the Qic ayaath that have duas in them, know all of the duas in the Q, make a project out of that, and make salat with those ayaath, it will help you a lot,