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scientific revolution and enlightenment

Who created the geocentric theory
Aristole and Ptolemy
Who was the first to introduce the heliocentric theory, saying that the Earth revolved around the sun along with eight heavenly spheres where Heaven was not in a fixed position in the universe
Whose main goal was compiling evidence on the heliocentric theory, although he disagreed with it as well as the geocentric theory
Who created the three laws on planetary motion, proving that the orbits of planets are elliptical, they go faster as they near the sun, and the ones farthest away go slowest
Who discovered Jupiter's moon, proving the heavenly spheres theory false, as well as wrote the Starry Messenger and other works that got him in trouble with the Inquisition
Who created the universal law of gravity and other "natural" laws, as well as the "world machine"
Who wrote Discourse on Method and created "I think therefore I am," placing importance on doubt and creating Cartesian dualism and mechanism
Who wrote Great Instauration, placing an importance on empiricism and using the inductive method (observation and experiment) as well as stating science was meant for practical reasons, such as the creation of new and handy machines
Which two people were relied on for the structure for Enlightenment with their natural laws and tabula rasa (blank mind)
Newton and Locke
Who wrote Persian Letters and The Spirit of Laws, attacking religious tradition and encouraging religious toleration as well as creating the idea of BALANCE OF POWERS
Who wrote Philosophical Letters, Candide, and Treatise on Toleration, as well as championed deism and a believed in natural rights
Who wrote the Encyclopedia
Who wrote Treatise on Human Nature and On Miracles, stating the only miracle was that humans still believe in miracles
Who wrote Wealth of Nations, stating that the economy should be guided by the invisible hand of the marketplace (economic liberalism/capitalism)
Who was possibly the Father of Romanticism wrote Discourse on Origins, The Social Contract, and Emile, stating that the first lie was private property, government was necessary (virtue--civilized), people should be governed by the GENERAL WILL, limited government control, and saying that women were meant to be domestic
Who was the Mother of Feminism wrote the Vindication of the Rights of Women, stating that men contradicted themselves by limiting women
Who wrote The Age of Louis XIV, which was the beginning of social history and removed God from the events during the reign of the French king