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  1. el subibaja/el balancin
  2. hacer un viaje
  3. muneca
  4. discutir
  5. ir a una pijamada/ dormir fuera de la casa
  1. a to go on a trip
  2. b to have a slumber party
  3. c seesaw
  4. d to argue, to fight
  5. e doll

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  1. to color
  2. to watch cartoons
  3. to fish
  4. to do gymnastics
  5. to build forts

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  1. jugar juegos de fantasiato play with play-dough


  2. darse vueltato spin around


  3. bateríato scratch


  4. hula hoop/ el arohula hoop


  5. burlarse deto tease, to make fun of