ch.7 test

Chapter 7 test questions from the study guide and notes; exactly what she told us to put. If I'm wrong, you can correct it
what is given to us @ baptism?
a share in the life of the Trinity
3 ways the Spirit helps a person
-do good
-turn away from sin
-to be Holy
4 reasons the Church is holy
-founded by Christ
-guided by the Holy Spirit
-members are led to be holy
-members participate in the mission of saving all people
3 ways the sacraments help one to participate and grow in holiness
-you are bound closely to Christ
-strengthened in faith
-empowered to share in the mission of the Church
Sacraments of Initiation
Baptism; Confirmation; Eucharist
Sacraments of Healing
Reconciliation & Anointing of the Sick
Sacraments of the Service of Communion
Matrimony & Holy Orders
gifts of the Holy Spirit: 3 adjectives
seven, permanent & spiritual
When did we receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit?
@ baptism
ability to put God first and to love the things of God
ex: Saint Thomas More
learning more about the Catholic faith and gaining insights and understanding into the meaning of life, and gaining insights into the truths of faith
ex: Father Solanus
counsel or right judgment
helps us know what to do in life, to make good decisions, and to accept our responsibility to care for others
ex: Saint Catherine of Siena
know God and know who you are, use experiences and faith to act act according to Jesus' message
ex: Saint Angela Merici
fortitude or courage
gives you inner strength do what is right in the face of difficulties
ex: Father Miguel Pro
piety or reverance
helps us to love and worship God
ex: Saint John Chrysostom
Fear of the Lord (wonder and awe)
Saint Francis of Assisi marveled @ God's greatness and love. This kept him from offending God.
two ways to show piety or reverence (besides praying)
showing respect for the dignity of others & being concerned for all that God created
6 ways one can show piety or reverence
1. paying attention @ mass
2. praying regularly
3. staying for entire mass
4. refusing to say God's name in vain
5. making visits to the blessed sacrament
6. giving to those who are poor
we are holy when we do the right thing...
-for the right reason
-at the right time
-in the right way
Saint Catherine of Siena
-convinced Pope to move back to Rome, he did
-unusual for pope to listen because she was a woman
Saint Angela Merici
-founded Ursulines which educated girls about reading, writing and God
-knew God and knew who she was, used experiences
Father Miguel Pro
-persecuted for beliefs
-faced firing squad w/o blindfold