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  1. Compensable factors when evaluating employees for pay raises
  2. Uniform Guidelines of Employee Selection Procedures
  3. When it is relevant to the job
  4. Performance/Merit-Based Pay
  5. PPCA- Patient Protection Affordable Care Act
  1. a 1. Skill
    2. Effort
    3. Responsibility
    4. Working Conditions
  2. b an organization that bases salary on the level of individual skills would be most apt to implement _______
  3. c When can you ask an applicant if they belong to certain organizations?
  4. d _________ is the acronym for the health care reform passed in March 2009
  5. e __________ covers all aspects of the selection process and assist employers in complying with Title V!!, executive orders and other equal employment requirements of federal law.

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  1. __________ is the type of interview that asks the candidates the same questions
  2. _________ hlep quantify recruitment efforts at different points in the process
  3. _______ summarizes the most important features of a job.
  4. Developed with job analysis data. After determining the KSA's needed to perform a job, numeric values are assigned to the responses on the form. This is a _______?
  5. __________ is a fund created by the employer, employee or jointly that is used to pay for the first X dollars of health care expenses

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  1. UnionA retirement plan for a nonprofit institution that allows workers to make pretax contributions to a tax-sheltered annuity is ___________.


  2. Money Purchase Plan_______ summarizes the most important features of a job.


  3. Advantages of Recruiting Internally1. Rewards good work of current employees
    2. Cost effective
    3. Imporove Morale
    4. Can asses known past performance
    5. Can result in succession and promotions


  4. Single-Rate Pay or "Flat-Rate Pay"This act regulates minimum wage, overtime, exempt and nonexempt status


  5. 1935 Wagner Act_______ was passed giving employees the right to organize and bargain collectively

    aka "National Labor Relations Board" or NLRB


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