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  1. Handel
  2. Constanze
  3. Pogrom
  4. Cloy
  5. Agnus Dei
  1. a wrote the Messiah, which covered all of Jesus' Life, birth, death
  2. b Lamb of God
  3. c Mozart wife
  4. d Excess to create disgust or distate
  5. e Ethnic Cleansing

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  1. German, 84th Psalm, no dies irae section, or credo section, wasn't catholic, didnt believe in hellish day
  2. To you, peace we give you you
  3. Prepay for sins, each sin would cost, so they could raise money for the church
  4. Miriam and Yeshua
  5. went deaf before composing the Messiah

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  1. Yom KippurSweet Jesus


  2. Moses Sang10 commandments


  3. King Henry VIII1491-1547, leader of church of england


  4. Standing StoneMozart wife


  5. Requiemmass