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  1. King Henry VIII
  2. Agnus Dei
  3. Standing Stone
  4. Requiem
  5. Yom Kippur
  1. a Day of Atonement
  2. b mass
  3. c Lamb of God
  4. d 1491-1547, leader of church of england
  5. e Antonio Salieri

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  1. To you, peace we give you you
  2. went deaf before composing the Messiah
  3. How much Judas?
  4. Mozart wife
  5. Martin Luther nailed his questions to the church door

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  1. Moses Sang10 commandments


  2. IndulgencesPrepay for sins, each sin would cost, so they could raise money for the church


  3. 125 ADMartin Luther nailed his questions to the church door


  4. ChanukuhOil in the lamps during destruction of Jerusalum


  5. Cantus FirmusWrath, anger, judgement