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  1. Credo
  2. Constanze
  3. Chanukuh
  4. Handel
  5. Hallelujah
  1. a Praise ye Jehovah
  2. b Oil in the lamps during destruction of Jerusalum
  3. c I believe
  4. d Mozart wife
  5. e wrote the Messiah, which covered all of Jesus' Life, birth, death

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  1. To you, peace we give you you
  2. Lord have Mercy
  3. Antonio Salieri
  4. Angel tells mary she is going to have a baby
  5. father abusive to mother, mom hooked him up with lessons from Haydn before she died

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  1. Magnificatmy soul doth magnify the lord


  2. King Henry VIII1491-1547, leader of church of england


  3. CloyExcess to create disgust or distate


  4. Passion begins withHow much Judas?


  5. Pope GregoryEthnic Cleansing