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  1. Advent
  2. Credo
  3. Cantus Firmus
  4. Passion begins with
  5. Hallelujah
  1. a Praise ye Jehovah
  2. b I believe
  3. c arrival
  4. d Preexisting song
  5. e How much Judas?

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  1. Miriam and Yeshua
  2. Day of Atonement
  3. written by Johann Sebastian Bach
  4. Ethnic Cleansing
  5. Prepay for sins, each sin would cost, so they could raise money for the church

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  1. Pope Gregory600 AD, didnt approve of mass to different tunes, musical instruments were bad


  2. 1517Martin Luther nailed his questions to the church door


  3. 125 ADMartin Luther nailed his questions to the church door


  4. Rosh Hashanah10 commandments


  5. Dies IraeSweet Jesus