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T.E.D. - Unit 4 - Content & Vocabulary


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design process
-the 1st step is to research similar products
engineering design process
A problem-solving process that is used to generate ideas, model, test, and communicate new products and
define the problem
clearly understand the problem
Design problems
must be clearly defined
case study
assess the current understanding of a problem
select an approach
-do your homework (due diligence)
-Ask experts what they think
-Build prototypes of the final ideas
-Run a test on the computer
linear (straight forward) approach
each phase is addressed independently, one step at a time
criteria and constraints
the general requirements and limitations that are incorporated into the design of a structure
relationship between criteria and constraints
The requirements for a product to function efficiently

-A design team is making a new container for milk, and the customer needs the container to be 9" tall
exactly. The size specification is considered a criteria
-likely to affect the design process, creating constraints on size and weight
- cost of the birdhouse
-A speed boat is not permitted to go faster than 100 knots
competing design constraints
Weight vs power output
-The criteria and constraints of a product or system and the determination of how they affect the final design
and development
-Identifying both desired elements and limitations of a product or system
design proposal it is critical to explain
-function of the product
-purpose of the product
-drawings of the final product
analysis phase
What does someone need to know about the program
Selecting the best solution
the point in the design process should they discuss regarding each design before making a prototype
build a replica of what it would look like
A working model used to test a design during development
-before a design solution can be refined, it should first be tested
-The productivity of a design may be established by testing
Modify the prototype
While testing a prototype you discovers a performance error what's next?
Presenting the solution
last step in the design process
focus group
usually consists of groups of 5-7 people that are surveyed. The data collected from a focus group should be considered opinion
conceptual/graphic communication
The exchange of information in visual form, such as words, drawings, photographs, or in combination with each other
Evaluating the design
step of the engineering design process you would use a graph to communicate the results
Communicate the results
present it
-utilizes information gathered during the testing of products to present findings to stakeholders
communicating information
A flow chart showing steps in coming up with the plan
environmental conditions
the environment should be considered in your design

-A new office building has been planned and will be built in sunny, Phoenix, AZ. The roof will have a three
foot overhang and the exterior walls will be constructed using twelve inch adobe brick
advancement of scientific knowledge
promoted by using the tools of technology and engineering
Engineering Design Journal
used to communicate procedures, flow charts, drawings, graphics, symbols, spreadsheets, graphs, time charts, and webpages
-The process used to maximize the function, market appeal, and safety of a new technology
-The process used to make a design or system as effective or efficient as possible
optimizing design trade-offs
clearly define what you gain in loose with each decision
Computer simulations
When refining a design method used to yield information to improve the efficiency of the design
The engineering design process is a series of steps
designer should realize
it is inappropriate to address some design problems
"science" journal
the best way to communicate findings
quality control
If a product does not meet the established criteria during production
Considering the given criteria and constraints, competing factors that will jeopardize the product's
Three-dimensional models
are typically used for simulating and testing design ideas
testing power
consumption mathematical models
most closely matches the current power consumption
Truss bridge
type of design project would testing a design using computer-based simulation be required
scientific concepts that are used by engineers and designers
-Melting point of steel
-Tensile strength of a wood beam
-Mass of an aluminum bolt
tool used to measure the angles
Line Graph
graphical representations to systematically examine a relationship
Pictorial drawing
type of conceptual drawing would best illustrate how to put an entertainment center together
When looking at the front view of a visual object in an orthographic drawing, the missing dimension from
the view would be the depth
program used to record the data