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Muscles of facial expressions & extrinsic eye muscles

What facial expression muscle has an orgini on the appendicular skeleton?
Zygomatic Minor
This muscle has an origin on the zygomatic bone & insertion on the upper lip and its action is to raise (elevate) the upper lip?
Lavator labii Superiorali, Angulii Oris, Buccinator
What 3 muscles of the facial expression insert on the orbicular oris?
Mentalis, Platysma
What 2 muscles make up the "pouting muscles"?
Draws angle of mouth laterally
What is the action of Risorius muscle?
Facial VII
What nerve innervates the muscles of facial expression?
Unilateral paralysis of the muscles of facial nerve VII
What is Bell's palsy?
Closes the eye
What is the action of Orbicularis Oculi?
Levator Palpebrae Superioris
What muscle elevates the upper eyelid? (Opens eye)
Occipitalis, Frontalis
What are the two muscles that are attached to the epicranial aponeurosis?
Depressor Labii Inferioris,
What Muscle inserts on the skin of the lower lip, has origin on mandible and action is to depress the lip?
Orbicularis oris
What muscle shapes your lips during speech?
Eye muscles
What are the fastest contracting and most precisely controlled skeletal muscles in the body?
They orginiate outside the eyeballs & insert on it's outer surface (whites of eyes)
Why are the eyeball muscles classified as extrinsic muscles?
Lateral Rectus
What does the cranial nerve Abducens Nerve Innervate?
Superior Rectus
This muscle makes you "look up"
Superior Oblique
This muscle has an origin on the sphenoid bone, insert on the wywball between the superior & lateral recti?
Up & Out
What is the action of the inferior Oblique?
Common Tendinous Ring
What is the origin of the Inferior Rectus?
Medial Rectus
This muscle allows you to look cross-eyed (adduction)?
Superior Rectus, Inferior Rectus, Medial rectus,Inferior Oblique, Levator Palpebrae superioris
What muscle of the eye are innervated by occulomotor III?
Down & Out
What is the action of the Superior Oblique?
Common Tendinous Ring
This is the common Origin that the Recti muscles have?
O- Medial end of superciliary arch of the frontal bone.
I- Skin of eyebrow
What is the origin and insertion of the Corrugator supercilia?
If a muscle is a sphincter muscle, What action does it have?
Action, Location
How is a depressor Labii Inferioris named?
What is known as the whistle, suck, blow muscle?
Frowning Muscle
The nickname of the corrugator supercilii?
Zygomatic Major
This muscle smiles without exposing teeth?
Zygomatic Minor
This muscle is called the smiling muscle because teeth are exposed?
Grimising Muscle
The Risorius is nicknamed?
Which muscle originates on the madible, and inserts on the skin of chin?
Kissing Muscle
The orbicularis Oris is nicknamed what?
Inferior to infraorbital foramen
The Origin of the Levator Anguli Oris?
Alveolar processes of maxilla & mandible near the molar teeth
What is the origin for the Buccinator?
Skin at angle of the mouth
What is the insertion for Risorius?
Fascia over deltoid & pectoralis Major muscles
What is the origin if the Platysma?
Medial End of superciliary arch of the frontal bone
What is the origin of the corrugator supercilii?
Circular path of orbit
What is the insertion of the Orbicularis oculi
Zygomatic Bone
What is the origins of the Zygomatic Major & zygomatic Minor?
What is the origin of the nasalis?
Skin over cartilaginous part of nose
What is the insertion of Nasalis?
Dilates external nares
What is the Action of Nasalis?
Superior to infraorbital foramen of maxilla
What is the origin of Levator Labii Superioris?
Skin at angle around mouth
What is the insertion of Levator Labii Superioris?
Elevates Upper lip
What is the action of the Levator Labii Superioris?
Muscles that move at the temporomadibular joint are also known as muscle of?
Strongest muscle of the jaw?
Trigeminal V
What is the common innervation of the muscles that move the mandible?
Lateral Pterygoid
Which is the only muscle of mastication to open jaw?
Medial & Lateral Pterygoid
Which of the muscles move the mandible side to side as in grinding food?
Temporal Bone
What is the Origin of the temporalis?
Medial surface of lateral portion of pterygoids process of sphenoid bone; maxilla
What is the origin of Medial Pterygoid?
Greater wing and lateral surface of lateral portion of pterygoids process of sphenoid bone
What is the origin of Lateral Pterygoid?
Maxilla and zygomatic arch
What is the origin of Masseter?
Masseter & Medial Condyle
What 2 eye muscles have the insertion on the angle ramus of mandible?
Coronoid process and ramus of mandible
What is the insertion of temporalis?
Condyle of mandible; TMJ Joint
What is the insertion of Lateral Pterygoid?
Cross-eye & Strabismus
A condition in which the two eyes are not properly aligned?
Sphenoid bone
What is the origin of the superior oblique?
Maxilla in floor of orbit
What is the origin of Inferior Oblique?
Eyeball between superior & lateral recti. Inserts here via a tendon that passes through the trochlea of eye
What is the insertion of Superior Oblique?
Trochlear IV
What is the Nerve Innervation of Superior Oblique?
Abducens VI
What is the Nerve innervation of Lateral Rectus?
Elevation & ABduction
What is the action of Superior Rectus?
Depression & adduction
What is the actions of inferior rectus?
What is the action of Lateral Rectus?
What is the action of Medial Rectus?
Depression & ABduction
What is the action of Superior Oblique?
Elevation & ABduction
What is the action of Inferior Oblique?
When facial muscles contract what do they move?
Frontal Belly of the occipitofrontalis muscle; zygomatic Minor
Sammy wakes up morning of his birthday to find a new 10 speed bike in the garage. He wrinkles his forehead as in a look of surprise and smiles exposing teeth. What two muscles did he use in his facial expression?
Epicranial Aponeorosis
Occipital Frontalis Origin
Skin superior to supraorbital margin
What is the insertion of Occipial frontalis?
Draws scalp anteriorly, raises eyebrows, and wrinkles skin of forehead horizontally as in a look of surprise
What is the action of Occipital Frontalis?
Occipital bone & mastoid process of temporal bone
What is the origin of Occipitalis?
The epicranial Aponeurosis is the insertion of what muscle?
Draws scalp posteriorly
The action of Occipitalis is?
Styoglossus & Genioglossus
Bobby was teasing sarah and stuck his tongue out. When bobby noticed his mom watching he quickly drew his tongue back in. Which two muscle allowed him to do this?
Protract and Move the Mandible
The medial and lateral pterygoids
Originates on the anterior surface of the soft palate and inserts on the side of the tonge. It elevates the posterior portion of the tongue and draws the soft palate down on the tongue?
Digastric & Omohyoid
Which muscles has two bellies?
Bell's Palsey is innervated by what nerve?
Hyoid Bone
What is the common insertion among most of the muscles of deglutition?
Elevates the Hyoid Bone
All of the Suprahyoid muscle have this action in common?
Strap muscles
the infrahyoid muscles are also known as what?
Of all suprahyoids, this muscle assist food movement from the oral cavity to the throat
Inferior & Superior Oblique
These 2 muscles do no originate on the tendonous ring around optic foramen?
This muscle retracts the mandible
Palatglossus, Hyloglossus, Styloglossus
The tongue is the insertion for which of the following muscles?
What is the only muscle of the anterior neck that does not insert into the hyoid bone?
Elevates Hyoid, Depresses mandible
Action of Digastric ?& Mylohyoid
Elevates Hyoid
action of Stylohyoid
Elevates, Depresses mandible, Draws hyoid & tongue anteriorly
Action of Geniohyoid
Depress Hyoid
Action of Omohyoid & Sternohyoid
Depress Thyroid
Action of SternoThyroid
Depress Hyoid, Elevates Thyroid
Action of ThyroHyoid
Elevating the Hyoid Bone
What action does all suprahyoids share?
Which of the following opens the mouth?
Is Omohyoid a infrahyoid or suprahyoid?
Which of the following muscles divieds the anterior neck into triangles and is innervated by accessory XI?
SCM & Semispinalis Capitis
These two muscles rotate the head to the opposit side of contraction?
Longissimus Capitis
The splenius capitis shares the same action with?
Move the head
The longissimus muscle does not what?
The origin is sternal head manubrium of sternum; clavicular head; medial third clavicle
Mastoid process of temporal bone
The insertion of the SCM muscle?
(bilateral) Lateral Flex and rotate head to same side as contracting muscle (unilateral) Rotate head to opposite side of contracting muscle & elevates the sternum during forced exhalation
What is the action of SCM
Transverse processes oof c3-c6
The origin of anterior scalene?
Transverse processes of c2-c7
The origin of middle scalene?
Transverse processes of c4-c6
The origin of posterior scalene?
First rib
The insertion of Anterior & middle scalene?
Second rib
The insertion of posterior scalene?
Cervical spinal nerves
The nerve innervation for all Scalene muscles, anterior, middle, & posterior?
Accessory Breathing muscles
The anterior & middle scalene are known as the?
Middle Scalene
This Scalene is known as the largest and longest?
Posterior Scalene
This scalene raises the secong rib?
Bordered by the superior mandible, inferiorly by the sternum, medially by the cervical midline, and laterally by the anterior border of SCM muscle
Anterior Triangle
Bordered Inferiorly by the clavicle, anteriorly by the posterior border of the scm muscle and posteriorly by the anterior border of the trapezius muscle
Posterior Triangle
Sternal Head and Clavicular Head of scm
SCM consists of Two bellies
Sternal division
Pain from the what of the scm may be referred to the superior cranial portion (calvaria) of the skull.
Assessment and therapy by a manual therapist sometimes enable patients to have a reduction in pain when other traditional treatments have been unable to effectively treat the cause of pain.
Clavicular Division
Referred paiin from what division of the scm may be perceived as pain deep to and around the ear and therefor the scm also play for "unexplained" earache
Ligamentum Nuchae & spinous processes of c7-t4
The origin of Splenius capitus?
Occipital bone and mastoid process of temporal bone
The insertion of Splenius Capitus?
Acting bilaterally, extend head; acting unilaterally, laterally flex
Whats the action of Splenius Capitis & Splenius Cervicis
Spinous Processes of T3-T6
The Origin of Splenius Cervicis?
Transverse prosesses of c1-c2 or c1-c4
The insertion of Splenius cervicis?
Middle Cervicle & spinal nerves
Nerve innervation for Splenius Capitis?
Inferior cervicle spinal nerves
Nerve innervation for Splenius Cervicis?
Ribs 1-6
Origin of iliocostalis cervicis?
Transverse processes of c4-c6
The insertion of iliocostalis cervicis?
Cervical and thoracic spinal nerve
The nerve innervation of iliocostalis cervicis?
Bilaterally extend and maintain erect posture of vertebral column of their respective regions; acting unilaterally flex vertebral column of their respective regions?
Action of iliocostalis thoracic, cervicis, & lumborum?
Thoracic spinal nerves
Nerve innervations of iliocostalis thoracis?
Lumbar Spinal Nerves
Iliocostalis lumborum
Ribs 7 -12
Whats the origin for iliocostalis thoracis?
Ribs 1-6
Whats the insertion for iliocostalis thoracis?
Iliac Crest
Whats the Origin for iliocostalis lumborum?
Iliocostalis lumborum
Ribs 7-12 is the insertion for which muscle?
Articular processes of c4-c7 and transverse processes of t1-t4
What is the origin of longissimus capitus?
Mastoid process of temporal bone
What is the Insertion of longissimus capitis?
bilaterally Extend head
Action of longissimus capitis?
Middle & inferior cervical spinal nerves
What is the nerve innervation for longissimus capitis?
Transverse processes of t4-t5
What is the origin of longissimus cervicis?
Transverseprocesses of c2-c6
What is the insertion of longissimus cervicis?
transverse process of lumbar vertebrae
What is the origin of the Longissimus thoracis?
Transverse process of all thoracic and superior lumbar vertebrae ribs 9 and 10
The insertion of the longissimus thoracis?
Together Extend vertebral column and singly lateral flexes vertebral column
What action does the longissimus thoracis and longissimus cervicis have?
Rotate head at same side
What action does all of the erector spinae muscles have?
Rotate at the opposite side
What action does the transversospilales have?
What group of muscles is known as the Great stabalizers of the vertebral column?
Erector Spinae Muscles
What group of muscles are known as the cheif extensors?
Spinalis, longissimus, iliocostalis
list the erector spinae muscle from medial to lateral