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Mitosis, Meiosis, and Genetics

nuclear division that occurs in sexually reproducing organisms during gametogenesis


The formation of sperm and egg; sex cells, germ cells, gametes



The formation of sperm - _____
The formation of eggs - _____


nuclear division that occurs during the growth and repair of living organisms


Nuclear Material

____ - molecule that contains info necessary for directing the activities of cells

DNA is _____ stranded and packed in a specific order of _____

_____ product of DNA packaging
heredity information resides on _____

____store chromosomes; specific sequence of nucleotides within a DNA molecule

DNA double nucleotides histones chromosomes genes

complete set of organism's genes


_____ organisms grow and replace dying cells by reproducing existing cells.


Cell Cycle

series of events by which eukaryotic ____ cells are reproduced, forming 2 _______ cells

somatic daughter

2 major phases of cell cycle

interphase and cell division


____ cells carry on normal metabolic funct.
____ replicate genome
____ preparing for cell mitotic division

G1 (S)Synthesis G2 G3

division of cell cytoplasm and two daughter cells are completed


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