Chapter 3 sections 3 & 4 Test Review


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Which French philosopher influenced the framers and what did he believe?
Baron de Montesquieu
A form of government in which power is shared between the federal and state level
the five principles underlying the constitution
Popular sovereignty
Rule of law
Separation of powers
Checks and balances
Popular sovereignty
The notion that power lies with the people is called
Rule of law
States that the law applies to everyone, even those that govern
Checks and balances
Each branch of government is able to check, or restrain, the power of each other branch of government is called
Enumerated Powers
The powers specifically granted to the national government
Reserved Powers
Powers that the constitution does not give to the national government
Concurrent Powers
Powers that both levels of government can exercise
The theme of Article 1 of the Constitution
Legislative branch
The theme of Article 2 of the Constitution
executive branch
The theme of Article 3 of the Constitution
judicial branch
The theme of Article 4 of the Constitution
states info
The theme of Article 5 of the Constitution
amendment process
The theme of Article 6 of the Constitution
declares the Constitution is supreme law of the land
The theme of Article 7 of the Constitution
describes the ratification process
List the goals in the preamble in order.
1. To form a more perfect union
2. Establish justice
3. Insure domestic tranquility
4. Provide for the common defense
5. To promote general welfare
6. Secure the blessing of liberty
2. What are the 3 ways the legislative branch can check the power of the executive branch?
Can impeach the president
can override veto
can reject appointments
can refuse to approve treaties
3. What are the 2 ways the legislative branch can check the power of the judicial branch?
Can Impeach Judges
Can reject appointment of judges
4. What is one way the executive branch can check the power of the judicial branch?
Can Appoint judges
5. Who has the power to declare presidential actions unconstitutional?
The Judicial Branch
Concurrent power
Reserved Power
Enumerated Power
Three level of power in our government.
According to Article 5 of the Constitution, what are two ways an amendment can be proposed
1. BY congressional action
Requires 2/3 of the member of both houses
2. By National Convention request by two-thirds of the states
How many amendments are there to the constitution?
Define Necessary and Proper Clause
Article I list the powers of the Congress, in this article, the constitution give congress the powers to make all laws which shall be necessary and propter to carry out its duties.
This allows congress to exercise powers that are not specifically listed in the constitution
These powers are call implied powers.