kurt & blaine- glee quiz!

Where did Kurt first see Blaine?
On the staircase at Dalton Academy.
How long have Kurt & Blaine been together?
One year.
What was the first song Blaine ever sung to Kurt?
Teenage Dream
In what episode did Blaine try to teach Kurt to be sexy?
What is Blaine's last name?
What episode is this line from? "You take my breath away". -Kurt
The First Time
What part did Blaine get in the school musical?
What part did Kurt get in the school musical?
Officer Krupke
In what episode did Kurt and Blaine say "I love you" to each other?
New York
What are the two duets Kurt and Blaine have sung together?
Candles & Baby, It's Cold Outside
Who is the guy that is trying to win over Blaine?
What did drinks did Sebastian give to Kurt and Blaine at the gay bar?
Blaine got a beer and Kurt got a shirley temple.