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Medical Terminology

Medical Terminolgy for CPC-P exam
term - acetabulum
cup-shaped depression on the hip joint that receives the head of the femur is the:
term - acidosis
pathologic condition resulting from an abnormal increase in the level of hydrogen ion in the body
term - acute
A disease that develops suddenly and does not last for a long time
term - adenocarcinoma
cancerous tumor arising from gladular tissue
term - aftercare
patient seen after surgery for dressing or suture removal
term - allergen
antigenic substance capable of producing an allergic response in the body
term - amblyopia
reduced vision in an eye without a detectable organic lesion
term - anaphylaxis
severe systemic allergic response characterized by redness, itching, swelling and water retention
term - anastomosis
surgical or pathologic connection between two vessels
term - anatomy
Anatomy is the study of the structure of an organism.
term - anencephalic
child born without a brain but has a brainstem
term - aneurysm
A balloon-like dilation of a blood vessel that weakens the wall of an artery
term - antepartum care
care that occurs before delivery or prenatal care
term - anticholinesterase
an enzyme that counteracts the action of the choline esters
term - antimetic
medication that prevents or relieves nausea
term - ARF
renal failure that is acute
term - arteriosclerosis
hardening and thickening of the arteries
term - ascites
abnormal intraperitoneal accumulation of serous fluid
term - asymptomatic
without symptoms
term - ataxia
uncoordinated gait associated with pathology of the central nervous system
term - atelectasis
incomplete expansion of a lung or portion of a lung during inspiration
term - Atherosclerosis
form of arteriosclerosis in which fat deposits accumulate on the vessel walls
term - atrophy
loss of some portion of skin and appears tranlucent - aged skin: not a lesion, but a physiologic response in aging process
term - audit
a formal examination of services billed, along with the codes submitted
term - auscultation
diagnostic technique for listening to sounds with the body
term - autoimmunity
immune response resulting in the prescense of self-antigens or autoantigens on the surface of certain body cells
term - avulvision
separation of a body part by tearing
term - balantis
inflammation of the glans penis
term - benign hypertension
less severe malignant hypertension; high bp is often the result of this condition
term - BPH
benign prostate hyperplasia - a condition which results in enlargement of the prostate due to age
term - bradycardia
condition in which the heart beats too slow
term - bronchospasms
constriction of the airways of the lung by a contraction of the muscles
term - bronchus
the airway in the respiratory tract where air travels into the lungs
term - bulla
large blister; greater than 1.0 cm in diameter: blister
term - bunion
localized area of enlargement of the inner portion of the metatarsophalangeal joint
term - bursae
closed sacs or cavaties of synovial fluid
term - cachexia
profound and marked wasting disorder associated with malnutrition
term - carcinogenic
cancer producing substance
term - cardiovascular stress test
a diagnostic test that analzyes the heart at work and rest
term - cerebrum
largest portion of the brain
term - chamber walls
endocardium (inner), myocardium (middle) and epicardium (outer)
term - cholinergic
agent that produces the effect of acetylcholine at the connections of the muscles and nerves
term - chondrosarcoma
a cartilage tumor that usuallly occurs in middle-aged and order individuals
term - chromosome
structures in the nucleus of a cell that function in the transmission of genetic information
term - chronic kidney disease
progressive loss of kidney function over time
term - cirrhosis
condition has as the largest group those that abuse alcohol
term - closure
Suturing of a wound left behind after a procedure or repair of a laceration.
term - code linkage
concept of linking icd-9 code to a cpt code is known as
term - colectomy
surgical removal of all or part of the colon
term - colposcopy
use of a scope to examine the vulva, vagina and cervix
term - combination coding
using one code to deine multiple conditions
term - comedo
blackhead, as seen as acne
term - congenital
born with a condition
term - contrast material
dye injected into the body to aid the visualization during a radiology procedure
term - COPD
an irriversible airway obstructive disease in which symptoms are bronchial spasm, dyspnea and wheezing
term - cortiocotropin
hormone secreted by the anterior lobe of the pituitary
term - covalent bonding
name of process that occurs when atoms share one or more pairs of electrons?
term - crust
dried exudate on skin - scab
term - cryotherapy
therapeutic use of cold
term - cryptorchidism
undescended testicles
term - cystoscopy
examination of the uretha and bladder with a scope
term - D&C
dilation and curettage which involves the scraping of the uterus with a curette
term - debride
remove foreign material or dead tissue in a wound
term - debridement
cleansing or removal of dead or damaged tissue
term - decubitius ulcer
term - deglutition
techninal term for swallowing
term - dendrites are
parts of the neurons that receive signals from the brain
term - dental caries
infection resulting from the erosion of the tooth surface
term - dermatome
configured zone of skin innervated by a spinal cord segment
term - dermatomyositis
a general muscle inflammation with an accompany skin rash
term - dermis
is the second layer of skin; two layers are papillare and reticulare and contain; fibrous connective tissue or skin appendages; blood vessels; nerves; hair; nails; glands
term - dialation
term - diaphysis
shaft of a bone
term - diastole
relaxation phase of the heartbeat
term - diplacement
result of overuse or overextension of a ligament is
term - diplopia
double vision
term - due care
the duty to have adequate regard for another person
term - endoscopy
examination of any cavity of the body
term - epidermis
the outermost layer, containing keratin; stratum corneum, most superficial layer of four layers called stratum; basal layer; deepest region of epidermis is the growth layer
term - epiphyseal
long end of a bone where bone growth occurs
term - epispadias
disorder of urethra in which urethral meatus is locaed on the dorsal side of the penis
term - erosion
loss of epidermis; does not extend into dermis - blisters
term - erythema
redness or inflammation of the skin produced by capillary congestion
term - escharotomy
surgical incision into dead tissue
term - euthanasia
intentional action or lack of action causing the merciful death of someone suffering from a terminal illness or incurable condition
term - expiration means
term - expiration means
term - external female genitalia
term - exudate
fluid, cells or cellular debris
term - fascia
fibrous membrane that covers separates and supports the muscles
term - fissure
cleft or groove on the surface of an organ or tissue
term - fissure
cracks in skin, athletes foot, openings in corners of the mouth
term - fistula
abnormal passage from an internal organ to the body surface
term - fraud
billing of services not provided, misrepresentating a diagnosis, kickbacks, falsifying medical necessity, and systematic waiver of copayments or deductibles
term - fulminant
occuring with great intensity
term - gangrene
necrosis or death of tissue
term - gastroscopy
visual examination of the stomach using a gastroscope
term - genetics
science of heredity
term - genotype
genetic substitution of a gene or cell
term - glands
sebaceous glands are located in dermal layer; secrete sebum that lubricates skin/hair; influenced by sex hormones so they hypertrophy in adolescense and atrophy in old age
term - gonadotropin
hormone the stimulates the testes and ovaries to function
term - gout
chronic disorder of uric acid metabolism
term - gustatory
term - hematemesis
vomiting bright red blood
term - hematopoiesis
pertaining to the blood cells or a substance that stimulates their production
term - hematopoietic
pertaining to the production of and development of blood cells
term - hemeostasis
Existence and maintenance of a relatively constant environment within the body
term - hepatomegaly
enlargement of the liver
term - heterograft
the transplant of animal tissue into a human
term - Histological Study
study of each cellular component to the health of the whole cell would be
term - homeostasis
state of equilibrium within the boyd
term - homograft
transplant from one person to another
term - hospice
facility the provides care for elderly
term - hydrocele
accumulation of fluid caused by trauma, infection, or tumor?
term - hyperglycemia
increase in normal blood glucose level
term - hypospadias
condition where the meatus develops on the ventral side of the penis
term - hypothalamus
portion of the diencephalon of the brain
term - ICD
International Classification of Diseases