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BIO 101 - Veins

Radial Vein
Runs alongside the Radius
Ulnar Vein
Runs alongside the Ulnar
Brachial Veins
Pass through the region of the upper arm
Axillary Veins
Veins of the upper extremity pass through the axilla
Subclavian Veins
Axillary veins change to the subclavian veins at lateral borders of the first ribs
External Jugular Veins
Drains blood from face, scalp, and neck
Empty into the subclavian
Internal Jugular Veins
Drains blood from the cranial vault and brain
Anastomose with the subclavian veins to from the brachiocephalic veins
Brachiocephalic Veins
Formed when subclavian and internal jugular veins anastomose
Superior Vena Cava
Recieves blood from the entire upper body and empties into the right atrium
Anterior and Posterior Tibial Veins
Travel along the medial side of the leg until they empty into the femoral veins
Great Saphenous Veins
Formed by the anastomosis of the superficial veins of the foot
Peroneal Veins
Join the posterior tibial veins just prior to entering the popliteal region
Popliteal Veins
Located in the popliteal region behind the knee
Femoral Veins
Direct continuation of the popliteal veins as they pass into the region of the femur
External Iliac Veins
Direct continuation of the femoral veins that run through the pelvic region
omon Iliac Veins
Formed by the anastomosis of the internal and external iliac veins
Inferior Vena Cava
Veins from the abdominal organs drain into the left atrium