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Repeats in the second line; Ps. 19:2


Contrasts Ps 37:9


2nd and perhaps later lines complete or enlarges on the idea in the first line Ps. 2:6


A word is build upon until a climax is reached Ps 29:1


A metaphor is used to illustrate the truth in another line Prov. 25:25

United monarchy

Which period in history was Israel's "golden age of literature"?


According to most scholars who was king when the book of Job was written?

length of life, functioning as a priest, the law and prophets are not mentioned

What three facts indicate that Job lived after the flood but before Moses?

God's sovereignty

What is Job's spiritual solution to the problems and suffering of righteous people

Eliphaz, Bildad, Zophar

What three men dominate the discussions about Job's suffering?


What did Elihu state that Job's sufferings may be for if not punishment?


What is the single element found in just about every Psalm?

Ps. 2


Ps. 7


Ps. 30


Ps. 120-134


Ps. 58


Ps. 51


Ps. 73


Ps. 106


Ps. 8


view of life from God's perspective

How does Benware define wisdom?

Brief saying to communicate truth

How does Benware define a proverb

right view of God

How does Benware define fear of the Lord?


one who does not listen and believes what he wants


one who receives truth


one who is cynical and sarcastic to the wisdom of God


One who rejects God's wisdom

end of life

when did solomon write ecclesiastes

life is empty and meaningless apart from God

What is the basic theme of ecclesiastes

to meet the unsaved man on his level

what does beware mean by solomon's secular approach in ecclesiastes

exhorting young people to serve god while they are young

how does solomon conclude ecclesiastes

good to be married

what is the purpose of song of solomon

love inside marriage is good

what is revealed through the love relationship between solomon and the shiulammite woman

acrostic arrangement

explain the unique feature of the poetry of lamentations

false prophets

who was partly to blame for the suffering condition of God's people in lamentations?

holy, righteous, faithful

what did jeremiah acknowledge about God in the face of Israel's suffering?

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