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  1. quiet state
  2. normal amounts of urinary voids per day
  3. bright yellow soft and pasty stool, 3-6 stools a day
  4. infant bladder holds up to
  5. restlessness, short attention span, sleep disturbance, facial grimacing, posturing, anorexia
  1. a indicators of pain
  2. b breast fed babies
  3. c looking around, checking everything out, begins to focus on something then either start crying or go to sleep
  4. d 8-10
  5. e 30-50ml of urine

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  1. patent and flattened
  2. strokes lateral aspect of the plantar surface of the foot results in extension of the great toe and fanning of the other toes
  3. respirations at birth
  4. ecchymosis, petechiae, pinpoint hemorrhages
  5. first hour of life

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  1. Cephalhematomacovers whole head


  2. sucking reflextouching top of infants foot to the edge of a table while held upright and infant makes mvmts that resemble stepping


  3. capacity of infant stomach increases2-3 hours and peristalsis is rapid


  4. nipple engorgement is1st 28 days


  5. subtle changes in resp rateindication of difficulty with gas exchange