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  1. caput crosses
  2. tonic neck reflex
  3. heart murmurs
  4. infant bladder holds up to
  5. sucking reflex
  1. a rotating the infants head to one side causes infant to respond by extending the arm on same side as head is turned and flexing opposite arm. lower extremities respond similarly
  2. b elicited by the examiner stroking the lips of the infant, mputh opens and the examiner introduces gloved finger and sucking starts.
  3. c suture line/both sides of head
  4. d 30-50ml of urine
  5. e may be normal

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  1. fatty tissue over anterolateral muscle (vastus lateralis) or over triceps
  2. report
  3. before birth
  4. contraindications to recieving immunizations
  5. expand the collapsed lungs

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  1. mongolian spothair covering baby


  2. immunizations, health promotion teaching, assessment of parent-child relationshipsinjuries, toilet training, discipline, play appropriate toys


  3. premature babies may have a weaker or immaturesucking reflex ability


  4. restlessness, short attention span, sleep disturbance, facial grimacing, posturing, anorexiaindicators of pain


  5. used to prevent dangerous illnesses, done by injecting dead or weakened organisms, inactivated or toxoidsimmunizations