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  1. respirations greater then 60
  2. may see after difficult delivery
  3. toddler
  4. bottle fed babies usually begin within
  5. Thermoregulation
  1. a 1-2 years
  2. b essential aspect of neonatal care
  3. c first 3 hours of life
  4. d ecchymosis, petechiae, pinpoint hemorrhages
  5. e report

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  1. cephalohematoma
  2. secondary illness preventions
  3. anterior and posterior fontanels, moldinig, caput succedaneum, cephalohematoma
  4. tertiary illness prevention
  5. respiratory center causing newborn to breathe

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  1. least likely to tolerate hypothermiacircumcision


  2. first breath taken helps toexpand the collapsed lungs


  3. mongolian spotlooking around, checking everything out, begins to focus on something then either start crying or go to sleep


  4. small hemorrhages in sclera arenormal in a neonate


  5. male genitals are undeveloped atbirth