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  1. location of injection for children
  2. at birth, compression is released
  3. immunocompromised individuals, hx of anaphylactic reaction to the vaccine, mod to severe illness or pregnancy
  4. what feeding is considered the "ideal" method
  5. neonate extermities
  1. a breastfeeding
  2. b symmetrical, five digits without webbing or syndactyly, muscle tone strong with full range of motion, femur seated in acetabulum
  3. c fatty tissue over anterolateral muscle (vastus lateralis) or over triceps
  4. d allowing air to be drawn into the expanding lungs to replace amniotic fluid
  5. e contraindications to recieving immunizations

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  1. anterior and posterior fontanels, moldinig, caput succedaneum, cephalohematoma
  2. abdomen at birth
  3. before birth
  4. collection of blood between the surface of the cranial bone and the periosteal membrane
  5. risk taking behaviors, health education, sexual contact, substance abuse, self esteem, play peers, discipline

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  1. circumcision will heal withincan still get immunizations


  2. rooting reflexelicited by the examiner stroking the lips of the infant, mputh opens and the examiner introduces gloved finger and sucking starts.


  3. palmar/plantar reflexbaby holding your finger, when you try to pull away they tighten their grasp


  4. strabismusuncoordinated muscle mvmt of the eyes


  5. may see after difficult deliveryinfant responds to startling or dropping of head by opening hands and extending and abducting upper extremities followed by anterior flexion of the upper extremities