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  1. Health promotion activities for the infant
  2. immunizations, health promotion teaching, assessment of parent-child relationships
  3. immunizations, wearing seat belts etc:.
  4. one sided
  5. caput
  1. a covers whole head
  2. b falls, choking, car safety, trust, appropraite toys
  3. c cephalohematoma
  4. d illness prevention/well child visits
  5. e primary illness preventions

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  1. temp at birth
  2. secondary illness preventions
  3. activities to keep the individual from developing health problems
  4. yes
  5. 14 and 15

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  1. no care is needed if this procedure is used for circumcision12-13 inches


  2. stork biteuncoordinated muscle mvmt of the eyes


  3. rooting reflexstroking cheek or corner of infants mouth, infant turns head toward stimulus and opens its mouth


  4. reportable situationssleep state, quiet alert, crying


  5. location of injection for infantsfatty tissue over anterolateral muscle (vastus lateralis) or over triceps