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  1. several can be given at same time
  2. first breath taken helps to
  3. newborns
  4. 30-60 is normal
  5. physical characteristics of neonate head
  1. a immunizations
  2. b respirations at birth
  3. c expand the collapsed lungs
  4. d anterior and posterior fontanels, moldinig, caput succedaneum, cephalohematoma
  5. e 1st 28 days

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  1. covers whole head
  2. strokes lateral aspect of the plantar surface of the foot results in extension of the great toe and fanning of the other toes
  3. first hour of life
  4. contraindications to recieving immunizations
  5. hair covering baby

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  1. cord should fall off in aboutpatent and flattened


  2. caput crossessuture line/both sides of head


  3. ears should be aligned with theouter canthus of eye


  4. children and teenscan still get immunizations


  5. subtle changes in resp rateindication of difficulty with gas exchange