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Muscle Tissues

Skeletal Muscle Fibers
packaged into the organs called 'Skeletal muscles' that attach to the body's skeleton.
Attached to bones or (some facial muscles) to skin
Cardiac Muscle
Walls of the heart
Smooth Muscle
Typically in walls of hollow visceral organs (other than heart)
A delicate tissue sheath that encloses muscle tissue
A coarser fibrous membrane that wraps around several sheathed muscle fibers to form a bundle of fibers.
The bundle of fibers created from perimysium
A tougher "overcoat" of connective tissue that bounds many fascicles which covers the entire muscle
Tendons and Aponruroses
tissue that connects muscle to bone
Smooth Muscle
Has no striations and is involuntary.
Found in the walls of hollow visceral organs such as the stomach, urinary bladder, and respiratory passages.