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During the American Revolution ____ or "little books" were used to reach thousands of people and stir debates and action in response to growing discontent with British rule

Thomas Jefferson

Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?

natural law

the idea that people are born with rights and freedoms and that it is the function of government to protect those freedoms

Philadelphia State house

Where was the Declaration signed?

Constitution of The United States of America

What is considered the country's most important piece of writing?

Abigail Adams

wife of John Adams who encouraged him to include rights of women in the nation's founding documents


Abigail Adams was one of the first ____

persuasive rhetoric

the art of using language to argue effectively for or against a set of beliefs or course of action and to convince others to adopt a positions or act in a certain way


another word for speaker is ____


True or False?
Freedom from tyranny, from taxes, and from censorship was vigorously debated


A writer can develop an argument _____ by beginning with a generalization, or premise, and proceeding to marshal examples and facts that support


Or a writer can develop an argument ____ by beginning with examples or facts and proceeding to draw a conclusion from them

the mind
the emotions

A persuasive work should engage BOTH the ___ and the ____ of its audience


Persuasive techniques fall into 3 basic types:

logical appeals

rely on logic and facts to support a claim

emotional appeals

present ideas and images that elicit strong feelings

ethical appeals

use values or moral standards that are widely accepted as a way to persuade an audience


Rhetorical Devices:

rhetorical question

a question that does not require a reply


a device in which contrasting ideas are expressed in a grammatically balanced statement


the use of the same word or phrase more than once for emphasis


a form of repetition in which a grammatical pattern is repeated

Public Document

What type of work is the Declaration of Independence?

July 4th

Thomas Jefferson died ironically on _____


Thomas Jefferson developed the policy of the separation of ____ & ____


Jefferson favored the rights of the ___ over the federal government


Jefferson was the governor of Virginia during the Revolutionary War and U.S. minister to France Afterward. He also served the new country as the first secretary of state, the second vice president, and the third president


Jefferson lived a ___ life


He wrote many legal ____ and ___ promoting democracy


Jefferson was accused of ___ on the issue of slavery


He remained ____ on this issue


expresses an opinion on an issue and supports it with reasons and evidence


the writer's position on an issue or problem


reasons and evidence provided to prove a claim


arguments to answer opposing views


The Dec of Independence has 4 main parts:

preamble or foreword

announces the reason fr the document


a _____ of people's natural rights and relationship to government


a long ____ of complaints against George III, the British King


a ____ that formally states America's Independence

July 4th, 1776

what is the date that the declaration signed?


Abigail Adams favored the abolition of slavery


Abigail took over management of the ____ and ___ as well as John's ____ affairs


a writer's choice of words

vocabulary and syntax

diction includes both ____ (words) and ____ (arrangement of words)


writer's attitude toward a subject through their diction

primary sources

materials written or made by people who took part in or witnessed the events portrayed

March 1776

When was Abigail's letter written?

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