Early Humans Vocabulary

18 terms by lascola

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Beck Team 3 Humanities grade 6


The story of the past; examining daily life and major events that changed the world.


People who study the past.


people who study the past

oral tradition

passing on history by word of mouth


an object made by someone in the past that we study in order to understand their culture

primary sources

materials created during the time period that you are studying

secondary sources

records of the past based on studies of primary sources (i.e. textbooks)


study of the remains of past cultures


the time before writing was developed


early humans hunted animals and/or gathered plants for food


raising crops and animals for human use


train something (plants or animals) to be useful to people


extra supply of something (like food).


people who have a specific job that they are trained for


a culture (community) that has developed systems of specialization, religion, learning, and government.


exchange of goods

time line

a diagram that shows when things took place in a given time period



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