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A substance that absorbs light known as a

light gathering and accesory

List 2 basic types of pigments that were discussed:

beta carotene

The pigment ____ is orange in color


The pigment ____ is yellow in pigment


In chromatography, if the solvent is nonpolar the pigemtn that is nonpolar will move with the solvent front most quickly


Deozyribonucleic acid is composed of 4 types of:


Adenine and Guanine are:


Cytosine and Thymine are:

Messenger RNA

One type of ribonucleic acids are?

Active site

The ____ ____ of enzymes is where the substrate binds and the reaction occurs

non competitive

A _______ inhibitor binds at an alloseric site


A _________ inhibitor binds at the active site


Fermintation is an _____ process. used to produce ATP


Cellular respiration is an ____ process. used to produce ATP

catabolic and anabolic

Metabolism can be categorized into two different reactions what are 2 reactions?


In redox reactions, if a molecule is reduced it ____ electrons


If the molecule is oxidized it ____ electrons

pigment and black

A _______ is a substance that absorbs light. If it absorbs all visible wavelengths of light it appears as what color?


In photosynthesis, ____ and oxygen are ultimately produced.


The simplest form of carbohydrates are?


A type of diffusion where water crosses a selectively permeable membrane from a higher concentration to a lower concentration.

solvent, solute

A _____ is referred to as the dissolving agent, whereas teh _____ is referred to as teh dissolved substance


When performing the lipid test if the paper still looks wet it is:


When performing a lipid test if the paper is dry and has oil on it then it is:

Amino acids, peptide bond

Proteins are composed of ____ _____. This type of bond holds them together:

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