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Renaissance 2015

Rebirth in the interest in classical art that began in Italy and spread throughout Europe
a philosophy based on the importance and dignity of each individual- all people have the ability to control their own lives and achieve greatness
Classical Cultures
Ancient Greek and Roman
Why did it start in Italy?
Italian city-states became wealthy because they were centrally located on trade routes and linked Europe with the East
Patrons of Art
Sponsored or Paid for creations of beautiful statues, paintings, buildings, universities and hospitals
The Medici Family
Richest families in Florence, made Florence the center of Italian Renaissance spent large amounts of money on art
city- state in Italy became Europe's banking center, became Italy's cultural center during the Renaissance
Why was there a renewed interest in classical cultures?
Merchants and crusaders brought back new knowledge after being in contact with the Muslims
Catholic Church kept knowledge alive by coping documents
Flow of new ideas led to the rediscovery of ancient Greek and Roman Cultures
Features of Classical Art
Greek and Roman, nude, life like, idealized, active, without emotion, little or no background
Features of Medieval Art
Religious, fully dressed figures, serious faces, flat, use gold as a background color
Features of Renaissance Art
Realism and Facial Expression,Perspective,Three dimensional and shading,Emphasis on Individualism,Classicism,Geometrical Arrangements of Figures
Famous Achievements of Raphael
The School of Athens- one point perspective, great variety of poses
Famous Achievements of Leonardo da Vinci
Vitruvian Man, Mona Lisa, Last Supper, Renaissance man
Famous Achievements of Michelangelo
David in Marble- one of the worlds most admirable sculptures;Pieta, Sistine Chapel Ceiling; considered one of the greatest of all Renaissance artists
Achievements of Niccolo Machiavelli
Wrote the Prince which was a guidelines for human behavior for rulers- "It is better to be feared then loved"
What caused the Renaissance?
Decline in the Byzantine Empire
Contact with the Middle East/libraries in the East
Revival of Trade and the rise of towns
Catholic Church kept knowledge alive by copying books
Why was the Renaissance a Golden Age?
Art, Literature, and science flourished in Western Europe
Time of leaning and thoughts
Period of transition from medieval to modern times
Renaissance Man
Man with a well rounded education, skilled in may areas (speaking several languages, play instrument, be educated
made fun of society including the church; believed the simple ways were best- Wrote Praise of Folly
greatest playwright of all time; had a deep understanding of human beings and their flaws, Romeo and Juliet, Julius Caesar, Hamlet
Made it possible to make books quick and cheap, spread Renaissance ideas, used moveable type and translated works into common language of people

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