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Rebirth in the interest in classical art that began in Italy and spread throughout Europe


a philosophy based on the importance and dignity of each individual- all people have the ability to control their own lives and achieve greatness

Classical Cultures

Ancient Greek and Roman

City States

an independent state consisting of a city and its surrounding territory- Italian city-states became wealthy because they were centrally located on trade routes and linked Europe with the East

Patrons of Art

Sponsored or Paid for creations of beautiful statues, paintings, buildings, universities and hospitals

The Medici Family

Richest families in Florence, made Florence the center of Italian Renaissance spent large amounts of money on art


city- state in Italy became Europe's banking center, became Italy's cultural center during the Renaissance

Why was there a renewed interest in classical cultures?

Merchants and crusaders brought back new knowledge after being in contact with the Muslims
Catholic Church kept knowledge alive by coping documents
Flow of new ideas led to the rediscovery of ancient Greek and Roman Cultures

How did Humanism spark a renewed interest in learning?

Stressed the studies of subjects that focus on human life and culture, studied Greek and Roman Cultures, history , architecture, and government

Features of Classical Art

Greek and Roman, nude, life like, idealized, active, without emotion, little or no background

Features of Medieval Art

Religious, fully dressed figures, serious faces, flat, use gold as a background color

Features of Renaissance Art

Realism and Facial Expression,Perspective,Three dimensional and shading,Emphasis on Individualism,Classicism,Geometrical Arrangements of Figures

Famous Achievements of Donatello

David-First free standing bronze since Roman Times

Famous Achievements of Brunelleschi

Dome in Florence-Duomo of St. Maria del Fiore-introduced the dome in Medieval Architecture

Famous Achievements of Raphael

The School of Athens- one point perspective, great variety of poses

Famous Achievements of Leonardo da Vinci

Vitruvian Man, Mona Lisa, Last Supper, Renaissance man

Famous Achievements of Michelangelo

David in Marble- one of the worlds most admirable sculptures;Pieta, Sistine Chapel Ceiling; considered one of the greatest of all Renaissance artists

Achievements of Sir Thomas More

Wrote Utopia- the characteristics of an idea society

Achievements of Johann Gutenberg

invented the printing press- which allowed for quick, cheap book production and spread of ideas

Achievements of Francesso Petrarch

considered the founder of Humanism; wrote Rime (Rhymes) which are 36 short poems written for Laura who died during the black death

Achievements of Niccolo Machiavelli

Wrote the Prince which was a guidelines for human behavior for rulers- "It is better to be feared then loved"


Dutch Humanist and theologian wrote "the Praise of Folly" criticized the Church believed faith not the sacraments guaranteed entrance to heaven

Typical features of Middle Ages literature

Religious topics; people wrote in Latin only a few highly educated people could read

Typical features of Renaissance literature

Non-Religious; wrote about individual experiences and in the world around them; most wrote in their own dialect so more people could read

What caused the Renaissance?

The crusades caused a growth in trade and commerce
Italy was home to wealthy families, the banking and trading center along with wealthy city-states

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