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Study guide tells the story of Moses and Stephen F. Austin and their colonization of Texas, along with other empresarios in the region.

Why did banks fail during the Panic of 1819?

a period of low economic activity

What Dutch businessman helped Austin secure his colony in Texas?

Baron de Bastrop

What was the capital of Stephen F. Austin's first colony?

San Felipe de Austin

What was the name of the legal document that proved land ownership?

Land Title

What was the name of the new state formed by the Mexican officals in 1824?

Coahuila y Texas

How did empresarios attract people to settle in Texas?

They offered land at a cheap price.

Why is Stephen F. Austin known as the "Father of Texas"?

He was the first empresario to bring Americans to settle into Texas

What was the main reason that Moses Austin wanted to bring U.S. settlers into Texas?

to become wealthy

What requirements did the Mexican government set for settlers who wanted to live in Texas?

Settlers must convert to Catholicism and become a citizen of Mexico.

What was the Imperial Colonization Law.

This law secured the land grant for Stephen F. Austin to bring settlers into Texas?

Who was Jane Long?

Jane Long was the widow of filibuster James Long,who was part of the Old Three Hundred and was a very successful plantation and slaveowner.

What are some charateristics of an Old 300 member?

hard-working, fairly well-educated, and respectful of the law

What was the capital of Texas when Moses Austin went to the area in 1820?

San Antonio

What was the State Colonization Law of 1825

This law opened further colonization in Texas.

Under the Imperial Colonization Law Stephen F. Austin created what to protect the settlers in his colony?


Why was it so difficult to buy land in the United States in 1820?

Land prices were high and money was scarce because of the Panic of 1819

What was wrong in Stephen F. Austin's colony when he returned from Mexico in 1823?

Settlers had begun having trouble with local Indians.

When Moses Austin was in Missouri, he was a citizen of what country?


Austin's colony was successful because his plans for success included____________?

giving settlers easy payment terms for land.

What was the purpose of Stephen F. Austin's trip to Mexico City in 1822?

He went to re-confirm his colonization agreement.

Where were most of the Old 300 members from?

The southern United States, with most coming from Louisiana

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