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Iraq Dates

Exam Revision
Gulf War (Year)
Attack on World Trade Center (Date Month Year)
11 September 2001
War declared on Al Qaeda in Afghanistan (Month Year)
November 2001
War decalred on Iraq - Operation Shock and Awe (Month Year)
March 2003
Saddam Hussein captured (Month Year)
December 2003
First battle of Fallujah (Month Year)
May 2004
Operation Phantom Fury (Month Year)
November 2004
US hands sovereignty to interim government headed by Prime Minister Iyad Allawi. (Month Year)
June 2004
Saddam executed (Month Year)
December 2006
Shia uprising begin in Basrah lead by Moqtada Sadr (Year Month)
May 2004
Abu Ghraib pictures released (Month Year)
April 2004
British forces leave Basrah (Month Year)
December 2007
Wikileaks releases ''collateral murder' video of the killings of Reuters journalists by US marines (Month Year)
April 2010