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  1. 89-103
  2. Halogens
  3. Br, Hg
  4. Valence Electrons
  5. 25 C
  1. a Room Temperature
  2. b All are non-metals and exist as diatomic elements
  3. c All elements in a family have the same number of
  4. d Liquids at room temp.
  5. e Actinides are found in groups

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  1. Tend to be brittle (break apart easily)
  2. Transition metals (d-block elements) are groups
  3. Non-metals are located on the _____ of the staircase
  4. Form colored compounds
  5. In the Periodic Table, each column is called a

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  1. Henry MoseleyInvented the periodic table based on increasing atomic mass


  2. 18Halogens are group


  3. AlHalogens are group


  4. 0Alkali Earth Metals are group


  5. LeftNoble gases are group