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  1. Chemical Reactivities
  2. Valence Electrons
  3. Cations
  4. Metalloids
  5. Halogens
  1. a All elements in a group have similar
  2. b Can either gain or lose electrons
  3. c Positively-charged ions
  4. d All elements in a family have the same number of
  5. e All are non-metals and exist as diatomic elements

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  1. Revised the Periodic table based on chemical physical properties and atomic number
  2. Invented the periodic table based on increasing atomic mass
  3. Most Reactive Metals that exist as compounds
  4. Lanthanides aer found in groups
  5. Another name for Noble Gases

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  1. 0Charge of noble gases


  2. MetalsHave luster


  3. Non-metalsHave luster


  4. PeriodIn the Periodic Table, each row is called a


  5. 3-12Alkali Earth Metals are group