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  1. Cations
  2. Transition Metals
  3. Halogens
  4. 2
  5. Non-metals
  1. a Tend to be in the gas state
  2. b All are non-metals and exist as diatomic elements
  3. c Alkali Earth Metals are group
  4. d Form colored compounds
  5. e Positively-charged ions

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  1. Lanthanides aer found in groups
  2. Actinides are found in groups
  3. React with acids and H20
  4. Lack luster
  5. Most Reactive Metals that exist as compounds

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  1. 1Halogens are group


  2. Alkali EarthSecond most reactive metal


  3. MetalloidsHave characteristics of both metals and non-metals


  4. Number of ProtonsWhat makes the Periodic Table periodic?


  5. RightLiquids at room temp.