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  1. thermosphere
  2. millibars
  3. hydrosphere
  4. convection currents
  5. celsius
  1. a units for temperature
  2. b units used to measure air pressure
  3. c created by unequal heating in the atmosphere
  4. d outer layer of the atmosphere with the highest temperatures and is broken down into 2 parts: ionosphere and exosphere
  5. e liquid portion of the Earth

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  1. force that pulls air towards Earth due to gravity
  2. water in the form of gas
  3. land portion of the Earth
  4. layer under the thermosphere where most meteoroids burn up
  5. A person who studies weather

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  1. conductiondirect transfer of heat from one object to another


  2. weatherunits for temperature


  3. electromagnetic wavesa form of energy that can travel through space


  4. magnetospheremagnetic portion of the Earth


  5. infrared radiationinvisible heat waves