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Good citizens don't try to remain _____________ from the problems and troubles in their communities.


Although every form of government has its ____________, democracy has more pluses and fewer mnuses than any other.


I criticize him not because he makes mistakes but because he constantly looks for a(n) _________________ to take the blame for them.


The defendent was found not guilty at his trial, but his punishment came when he was _____________ by all his friends.


We learned that beneath the old man's quiet and witdrawn manner, there was a charming and ______________ personality.


Although Hal was the only boy at the party wearing sneakers and an old sweatshirt, he did not seem at all ________________.


Instead of a(n) _________________ answer, all we got from her was, "In one sense, yes, but on the other hand, perhaps no."


It took four years of civil war to _______________ this nation of the curse of slavery.


Since we all know that you sing and play the piano beautifully, what need is there for you to ________________ your musical talents?


I have learned over the years that it is often possible to accomplish more by _______________ than by brute force.


Even though I assured my dying grandfather that I would visit him soon, I had a strange ___________________ that I would never see him again.


I think you will know who William S. Porter was if I tell you that he used the __________________ O. Henry.


The star basketball player _______________ in the admiration of every small child in the neighborhood.


She has such a(n) ________________ mind that she seems able to master complicated details without even taking notes.


The speaker could not be understood easily because he swallowed his words instead of ___________________ them clearly.


By the example of their own conduct, our parents ______________ in us a deep respect for people of all races, nationalitites, and religions.


In recent years, pollution of our waterways has had serious and sometimes fatal ___________________ on the wildlife that inhabits them.


The city planner said that in addition to building new housing, we should plan to _________________ many old buildings.


Can anything equal the overwhelming ________________ of a mother at the death of her child?


After the infamous attack on Pearl Harbor, the American people were _______________ in their determination to defeat the fascist powers.

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