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World War II

union of Germany with Austria in 1938
anti-Jewish sentiment & discrimination
to give in to a hostile power for the sake of peace
Bataan Death March
week long march of American & Pilipino POWs by Japanese through tropical conditions; many died
Battle of Britain
aerial battle between Britain & Germany; important victory for Britain
Battle of Midway
aerial battle that was the turning point of the war in the Pacific
Battle of Stalingrad
turning point of the war in Europe
Beer Hall Putsch
failed coup d'etat by Hitler & the Nazis
literally "lightening war"; Nazi military policy of striking fast and taking advantage of the resulting chaos
June 6, 1944 invasion of Normandy (Northern France)
Der Fürher
title of Hitler; the Leader
literally "strike forces"; special group of the army that rounded up Jews for assassination or to put them in ghettos
ancient Roman symbol of power and authority; bundle of rods with an axe head sticking out
a political movement or party that exalts the nation or government over the individual; generally headed by a dictator who forcibly suppresses opposition
Final Solution
Hitler's name for the final solution to the Jewish problem; extermination
systematic elimination of an entire group of people
Hitler's secret police; special branch of the S.S.
the systematic extermination of the Jews
Il Duce
title of Mussolini; the Leader
Night of broken glass; night of unleashed violence against Jews
literally "living space"; Hitler argued that the Aryans needed living space; motivation for territorial aggression
northern province of China rich in natural resources; invaded by Japan in 1931
March on Rome
Mussolini's successful coup d'etat
Mein Kampf
Hitler's book written while in prison
Ministry for Enlightenment
Propaganda ministry for the Third Reich; headed by Goebbels
Munich Pact
negotiated at the Munich conference; high point of appeasement of Hitler by Britain & France; Hitler was given the Sudetenland
Non-aggression Pact
negotiated by Hitler & Stalin; agreed NOT to attack each other, and carved up Poland
the Nazi Party; National Socialist German Worker's Party
Nuremberg Laws
anti-Jewish laws that denied Jews citizenship in Germany
Nuremberg Trials
post war trials of world leaders for crimes against humanity
Pearl Harbor
unprovoked attack by Japan on the U.S. naval base in Hawaii
Phony War
time after declarations of war, but before actual fighting breaks out
Rape of Nanjing
Japanese conquest and subsequent atrocities of the Chinese city of Nanjing
German province that bordered France
Brown shirts or storm troopers; Hitler's brute force - becomes the regular army
Black shirts; Mussolini's brute force
very elite branch of the S.A.; pure Aryan soldiers
Strength Through Joy
propaganda campaign of the Nazis designed to promote social events & lifestyles of good Aryans
northern area of Czechoslovakia populated with many Germanic peoples
The Big Lie
technique used by Nazi propagandists; lies were stated with authority & guarded from criticism
Third Reich
The Nazi government or Empire
Unit 731
infamous Japanese army unit that conducted medical experiments on the Chinese
Zyklon B
poisoned gas used to kill Jews at death camps