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where did the renaissance start?


why did renaissance start?

they didnt use the feudal system, it was divided into city states, wanted to make the city beautiful again.

what type of land mass was Italy?

it was a peninsula.

why was the type of land mass good?

because they could trade

what was traded along with goods?

ideas were traded

what was located in Italy?

Roman Catholic Church

what did the pope want to do to attract followers?

he wanted to make the church beautiful.

why did the pope want followers?

because he wanted money

what were 4 causes of the renaissance?

lessening of feudalism, fall of Constantinople, increased education, church disrespected.

How did crusades contribute to the renaissance?

stimulated the production of goods to trade, encouraged the use of credit and banking, increased demand for middle eastern products.

what is humanism?

an idea that focused on human achievements and potential not religious themes.

what is secular?

having to do with state not religion.

what do new inventions allow?

the social gap between nobility and middle/lower class to be closed.

who was paper introduced by?

Arabs in the 1300's.

who was Johann Gutenberg

invented the movable type press.

who copied the bible by printing?


what increased as the number of books increased?

the prices, and the number of people who could read.

Emulation means?

to copy.

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