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mitosis and cytokinesis

the two stages of cell division are


genes are a cell's


the division of a cell's cytoplasm is


which of the following is not a phase of mitosis


asexual reproduction is a result of

watson and crick

who worked out a model for the structure of DNA

deoxyribonucleic acid

DNA stands for


which of the following does not belong with the other free


one DNA molecule becomes two identical DNA molecules by


one DNA molecule becomes two identical DNA molecules by


which of the following is not one of the four bases in DNA molecule
thymine guanine uracil adenine

mitotic cell divisions

asexual reproduction is reproduction by


the process of regrowing missing body parts is

prophase metaphase anaphase and telophase

list the four phases of mitosis in the order in which they occur

budding regeneration spore formation

list three forms of asexual reproduction

sugar base phosphate

what are the three parts of a nucleotide


true or false: the cells of human skin may go through mitotic cell division several times a day


true or false: budding is not a form of asexual reproduction


true or false: in the DNA molecule adenine always pairs with thymine


true or false: transcription is the process of duplicating the DNA molecule


true or false: protein synthesis occurs at ribosomes


true or false: before it divides a cell makes a copy of all its genes


true or false: cytokinesis is the division of a cell's cytoplasm and organelles


true or false: watson and crick worked out a model of DNA


true or false: RNA is a double-sided chain that looks something like a twisted ladder


true or false: in the RNA molecule uracil always pairs with cytosine

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