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ch 3 part 2 oral diseases with immunologic pathogenesis and autoimmune disease

what is the most common cause of an apthous ulcer
what type of immunity is an apthous ulcer?
cell mediated (no antibodies, involves the T cell)
where is a minor apthous ulcer located?
anterior of mouth
what type of apthous ulcer would be larger than 1 cm and in the posterior portion of the mouth?
major apthous ulcer
what type of apthous ulcer is in multiples and can be 1-2 mm in size and any location?
herpetiform apthous ucler (bacterial)
t/f there is no itching with angioedema
contact mucositis and dermatitis are ___ cell mediated and type ___ hypersensitivity
T cell
fixed drug eruptions are type ____ hypersensitivity
III (humoral)
what disease is seen in young adult males and has a target bull's eye lesion
erythema multiforme
what is the most severe form of erythema multiforme?
stevens-johnson sx
what is the tx for stevens-johnson sx
topical steriods
systemic corticostorids
where are the ulcers seen in the oral cavity with erythema multiforme
lateral border of tongue
which disease is characterized by lacey striae or wickham's striae?
lichen planus
what is the most common location of lichen planus?
buccal mucosa
what is the most common type of lichen planus?
reticular lichen planus (has wickham's striae)
lichen planus is composed of tooth shaped ____ ___
rete ridges
what is the classic triad for reactive arthritis/reiter sx
what disease is the antigen marker HLA-B27 seen in?
reactive arthritis/reiter sx
what are langerhans cells a type of?
langerhans cells are a part of what type of immunity?
cell mediated
what are the two forms of langerhans cell disease?
letterer-siwe disease
hand-schuller-christian disease
what is the acute disseminated form of langerhans cell disease
letterer-siwe disease
what is the chronic disseminated form of langerhans cell disease?
hand-schuller-christian disease
which type of langerhans cell disease is in older children and shows a punched out radiolucencies in skull?
hand-schuller-christian disease
what is the triad for hand-schuller-christian disease?
punched out (radiolucencies of skull)
diabetes insipidus
what type of sjogren sx involves the eyes and mouth only?
primary sjogren sx
what type of sjogren sx invloves other autoimmune dz such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus erythematous
secondary sjogren sx
what type of immunity is involved with sjogren sx
cellular and humoral
sjogren sx has _____ and _____
sjogren sx has a gneralized loss of ____ and ____ papillae
sjogren sx has a high risk for _____, _____ ____ and ______
periodontal dz
what sx is raynaud phenomenon associated with?
sjogren sx
what % of pt are positive for the rheumatoid factor?
what sx is rheumatoid factor associated with?
sjogren sx
what antibody is positive in sjogren sx
what three things do you treat with sjogren sx
arthritis (NSAIDs, corticosteroids)
keratoconjunctivitis sicca (artificial tears)
systmeic lupus erythematosus is a ____ sx
what dz is associated with the butterfly rash on the nose?
systemic lupus erythematosus
what are the common manifestations of SLE?
what does SLE resemble when biopsied?
lichen planus
what must you do before tx with a pt who has SLE?
consult physician (antibiotic for endocarditis, watch epi or levo)
what is the prognosis for moderate to severe SLE?
fatal (due to renal failure)
what dz is seen in ashkenazi jews and the first sign of the dz is in the oral cavity?
pemphiGUS vulgaris
what is the breakdown of cellular adhesion between epithelial cells?
which dz has a intraepithelial blishter known as acanthosis?
pemphiGUS bulgaris
which dz has nickolsy's signs and tzanck cells?
pemphiGUS vulgaris
where are antibodies identified with pemphiGUS vulgaris?
prickle cell layer
t/f pemphiGUS destroys hemidesmosomes
false (destroys desmosomes)
where is the most common location for mucous membrane pemphiGOID?
mucous membrane pemphiGOID and ______ gingivitis and _____ sign
desquamative gingivitis
nikolsky sign
t/f the tx for phempiGUS includes direct and indirect immunofluorescence
does indirect immunofluorescence help with Dx of mucoous membrane pemphiGOID
no (there are no circulating autoantibodies)
what is the differnece between pemphigus and pemphigoid?
no circulating autoantiboides in pemphigoid
what dz is seen in mediterranean and asian people
behcet syndrome
what are the chronic recurrent autoimmune diseases of behcet syndrome?
oral ulcers
genital ulcers
occular inflammation