Psychology 101 - some brain parts

14 terms by mwltruffaut

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Corpus callosum

Connects left and right hemispheres of the brain.

Cerebral cortex

Controls complex thought processes.


Part of the hindbrain that controls balance and maintains muscle coordination.


Part of the hindbrain that relays messages between the cerebellum and the cortex.

Reticular formation

A system of nerves running from the hindbrain and through the midbrain to the cerebral cortex, controlling arousal and attention.


Part of the forebrain that regulates the amount of fear, thirst, sexual drive, and aggression we feel.

Pituitary gland

Regulates other endocrine glands.


Plays a role in our learning, memory, and ability to compare sensory information to expectations.


Part of the hindbrain where nerves cross from one side of the body to the opposite side of the brain.


Part of the forebrain that relays information from sensory organs to the cerebral cortex.


Pathway of nerve fibers that transmits information from hippocampus to the mamillary bodies.


Plays a role in our learning, memory, and ability to compare sensory information to expectations.

Mamillary body

Neurons that act as a relay station, transmitting information between fornix and thalamus.


Influences our motivation, emotional control, fear response, and interpretations of nonverbal emotional expressions.

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