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Binary fission

Prokaryotic cell division goes under an entirely different name

Cell cycle

The repeating pattern of growth genetic duplication and division seen in most cells


A cellular structure that acts as an organizing center for the assembly of microtubles


One of the 2 identical strands of chromatin that
Make up a chromosome in its duplicated state


A molecular complex composed of DNA and associated proteins that makes up the chromosomes of eukaryotic organisms


The DNA in each cell comes divided and package into individual units of DNA * different organisms have different numbers of chromosomes human cells have 46


The physical separation of one cell into 2 daughter cells


The chemically active proteins that speed up or in practical terms enable chemical reactions in living things


The study of physical inheritance among living things it concerns the storage duplication and transfer of information


The complete collection of that organisms genetic information.


This information exists in units called.. That lie along DNAs famous double helix

Homologous Chromosomes

23 pairs homologous here meaning the same in size and function homologous chromosomes are not exactly alike


That portion of the cell cycle in which the cell stimultaneously carries out its work and in preparation for division duplicates its chromosomes


A pictorial arrangement of a complete set of human chromosomes

Metaphase plate

Is not a structure but instead is a plane located midway between the poles of a dividing cell


Protein fibers that are part of the cells cytoskeleton or internal fiber network


The separation of a cells duplicated chromosomes prior to cytokinesis

Mitotic phase

That portion of the cell cycle that includes both mitosis and cytokinesis

Mitotic spindle

Microtubles active in cell division

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