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chapter 14 superior vena cava veins

these veins merge into superior vena cava
radial and ulnar veins
drain forearm;unite to form brachial vein
brachial vein
drains the arm and empties into the axillary vein
axillary vein
in the armpit
cephalic vein
drains lateral part of the arm andconnects to the axillary vein
basilic vein
drains the medial part of the arm and joins the brachial vein
median cubital vein
near the elbow;usually used to draw blood
ssubclavian vein
drains blood from arm via axillary vein; drains blood from muscles and skin of the head via external jugular vein
vertebral vein
drains the back of the head
internal jugular vein
drains dural sinus of the brain in the head
right and left brachiocephalic veins
receive blood from subclavian,vertebral and internal jugular veins. joins the superior vena cava
azygos vein
drains the thorax and merges with the superior vena cava right before it enters the heart