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CCDS 7th Grade Science Test: Work, Simple Machines, and Energy

force that is being moved a certain distance measured in joules (J)
the ability to do work
Mechanical Energy
energy in an object because of its motion or position
Potential Energy
related to the object's position; car balanced on a mountain top
Kinetic Energy
energy an object has because it is moving; big truck moving faster than a small truck
Electrical Energy
negatively charged energy flowing through a conductor
Nuclear Energy
energy kept in a nucleus
Thermal Energy
heat energy; energy related to the temperature of a substance; water boiling in a pot
Sound Energy
energy traveling through mechanical waves; megaphone
(thermal energy); is the transfer of heat in a fluid through CURRENTS
(thermal energy); is the transfer of heat from a warmer substance to a cooler substance through DIRECT CONTACT
(thermal energy); is the transfer of energy as electromagnetic waves (SUN). CAN OCCUR THROUGH EMPTY SPACE.
Electromagnetic Energy
energy caused by negatively charged particles in motion;
Energy Conversions
follows the Law of Conservation of energy; a form of energy turning into a different type of energy
Law of Conservation of Energy
Energy cannot be created or destroyed
an inclined plane with a cylinder wrapped around it
an inclined plane that moves and causes objects to either slpit or lift
Wheel and Axle
a simple machine that is a shaft (axle) inserted through a wheel
Inclined Plane
a simple machine that is a flat, sloping surface
a simple machine with wheel(s) with a rope wrapped around it
a simple machine that is a bar balancing on a fulcrum
force applied on a lever
load/resistance is the object being pushed up by the effort force