Rad 103-Osteology of Clavicle and Scapula

AKA the Collar bone
Situated immediatly superior to first rib
Sternal(medial) end
Rounded end that articulates with the Sternam that form the S-C joint
Acromial(lateral) end
Flat surface that articulates with the acromional process of the scapula that form the A-C joint
AKA shoulder blade, Large flat triangular bone
Lies on the posterior lateral aspect of the Torax
Extends from 2nd rib to 7th rib
What type of process is scapula
Beaklike process arises below and anterior to the Acromion process
What is some purposes of scapula
Serves for muscle and ligament attachment
Can be palpated
what does the term coracoid mean
like a crow's beak
Depression on the lateral surface
Structure with scapula
Articulation for the humeral head to form the shoulder or glenohumeral joint
Scapular Spine
Long ridge-like raised area on the posterior superior aspect
Terminates laterally in the flattened structure known as the Acromion process
Supraspinous fossa
Located just superior to the scapular spine
Infraspinous fossa
Located just inferior to the scapular spine
Axillary border
Lateral Border
Vertebral border
Border nearest the spine
Superior border
topof the scapula
Inferior angle
Formed by the junction of the axillary and vertebral borders
Lateral angle
Angle formed by the superior and axillary borders.
Medial angle
Formed by the superior and vertebral borders