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This is a set of must know Spanish verbs in the "yo" form of the past tense. (except for weather expressions)

yo vi

I saw

yo comí

I ate

yo miré

I watched

yo bailé

I danced

yo esquié

I went skiing

yo caminé

I walked

yo nadé

I swam

yo fui de compras

I went shopping

yo visité

I visited

yo fui

I went

yo me divertí

I really had fun

yo toqué

I played (an instrument)

yo viajé

I traveled

yo pasé

I spent (time)

yo compré

I bought

yo salí

I went out, left

yo hablé

I talked

yo bebí

I drank

yo me acosté

I went to bed

yo me levanté

I got up, stood up

yo me desperté

I woke up

yo puse

I put, placed

yo dije

I said

yo escribí

I wrote

yo leí

I read

yo me quedé

I stayed

yo llegué

I arrived

yo volví/yo regresé

I went back, returned

yo amé

I loved

yo di

I gave

yo recibí

I received, was given, got

hizo frío

It was cold

hizo calor

It was hot

hizo viento

It was windy


It rained


it snowed

yo me vestí

I got dressed

yo me lavé

I washed myself

yo me bañé

I took a bath

yo me duché

I took a shower

yo me quité la ropa

I took off my clothes

yo me miré

I looked at myself

yo me cepillé

I brushed my hair

yo me cepillé los dientes

I brushed my teeth

yo me peiné

I combed my hair

yo me dormí

I fell asleep

yo me sequé

I dried myself off

yo me senté

I sat down

yo me maquillé

I put makeup on myself

yo me afeité

I shaved myself

yo jugué

I played (game)

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