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6th Grade Social Studies Ch/4/3 People/Places

early Persains where warriors and nomads who herded cattle; for a time they were dominated by others; Cyrus managed to unite the Persians into a powerful kingdom; today is southwestern Iran
Site of the famous battle fought between the armies of Persia and the outnumbered Athenians. Athens was victorious and a messenger was sent to run the 26 miles back to the city with the news.
the Greeks sent about 7000 soldiers to gaurd the pass, for two days they held off the Persians but on the 2nd day, a traitor led the persians through a secret pass so they could attack from behind. Most of the Greeks retreated but 300 Spartan soldiers stayed and fought.
the strait where the Greek fleet attacked the Persian fleet. this was not far from Athens. the Greeks expected to have the upper hand in the battle because their ships could maneuver well in tight spaces.
where the Greeks crushed the Persian army; northwest of Athens.
Cyrus the Great
A remarkable leader who managed to reunite he Persian Empire in a powerful kingdom. Under Cyrus, Persia began building an empire larger than any yet seen in the world
came to throne in 521 B.C. He reorganized the government to make it work better. He divided the empire into 20 provinces. Each was ruled by an official with the title of satrap.
son of Darius; became Persian king; vowed revenge on the Athenians; invaded Greece with 180,000 troops in 480 B.C.
Athenian leader in years after Marathon, the man who persuaded Athens to use its windfall silver-mine profit to purchase ships and develop a navy to face the inevitable return of the Persians. He master-minded the naval battle of Salamis