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arachnoid mater

middle meninx; web-like

dura mater

tough, outer meninx

epidural space

space filled w/ adipose tissue

pia mater

thin meninx

subarachnoid mater

contains cerebrospinal fluid

denticulate ligaments

extension of pia mater attaching to dura

gray matter

contains neuron cell bodies and unmyelinated processes

posterior median sulcus

shallow groove on dorsal side

gray commissure

connects right and left halves of gray matter in spinal cord

posterior (dorsal) root

sensory branch of spinal nerve exiting spinal cord

conus medullaris

tapered end of spinal cord

anterior (ventral) root

motor branch of spinal nerve exiting spinial cord

posterior (dorsal) root ganglion

contains sensory neurons

cauda equina

collection of spinal nerves that arise from inferior end of spinal cord

white matter

contains myelinated axons

anterior (ventral) gray horns

contains somatic motor neuron cell bodies

central canal

space in center of spinal cord that contains cerevrospinal fluid

cervical enlargement

bulge in spinal cord containing cell bodies of motor neurons supplying upper limb

anterior median fissure

wide, deep groove on ventral side

filum terminale

extension of pia mater that attached spinal cord coccyx

lumber enlargement

bulge in spinal cord at t9-t12

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