21 terms

ch 13 quiz (p2)

arachnoid mater
middle meninx; web-like
dura mater
tough, outer meninx
epidural space
space filled w/ adipose tissue
pia mater
thin meninx
subarachnoid mater
contains cerebrospinal fluid
denticulate ligaments
extension of pia mater attaching to dura
gray matter
contains neuron cell bodies and unmyelinated processes
posterior median sulcus
shallow groove on dorsal side
gray commissure
connects right and left halves of gray matter in spinal cord
posterior (dorsal) root
sensory branch of spinal nerve exiting spinal cord
conus medullaris
tapered end of spinal cord
anterior (ventral) root
motor branch of spinal nerve exiting spinial cord
posterior (dorsal) root ganglion
contains sensory neurons
cauda equina
collection of spinal nerves that arise from inferior end of spinal cord
white matter
contains myelinated axons
anterior (ventral) gray horns
contains somatic motor neuron cell bodies
central canal
space in center of spinal cord that contains cerevrospinal fluid
cervical enlargement
bulge in spinal cord containing cell bodies of motor neurons supplying upper limb
anterior median fissure
wide, deep groove on ventral side
filum terminale
extension of pia mater that attached spinal cord coccyx
lumber enlargement
bulge in spinal cord at t9-t12