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  1. The idea that god has predetermined a person's life.
  2. The Catholic Church's attempt to seek out heretics within society, primarily focusing on Protestants who had left and/or condemned the Pope and his church. Punishment for refusing to convert to Catholicism was often death.
  3. A monarch with unlimited power

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  1. King Henry VIIIEnglish king who broke from the Church of England when the pope refused to grant him a divorce from his wife, who had not produced a male heir. He then married Anne Bolyn who was already pregnant with his child. Henry beheaded Anne (Anne of a Thousand Days) for infidelity, then married Jane Seymour (died giving birth), Anne Cleaves (divorced), Catherine Howard (beheaded), and Catherine Parr (outlived Henry).


  2. GalileoThe 1215 document limiting the rights of English monarch


  3. Magna CartaIn addition to other things, he developed the much improved telescope