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WHI SOL 13: The Renaissance

"Rebirth"; following the Middle Ages, a movement that centered on the revival of interest in the classical learning of Greece and Rome
Florence, Venice, Genoa
What three cities were the center of the Italian Renaissance?
Trade and business
The church was no longer the center of society. What two things dominated society during the Renaissance?
The Prince
What did Machiavelli write?
Use evil when necessary to accomplish things
What did Machiavelli mean when he wrote in 'The Prince' "The end justifies the means"?
The Renaissance focused on _________, which studies individual achievement rather than spiritual
Leonardo Da Vinci
This artist painted the Mono Lisa, and the Last Supper; he was known as the ultimate Renaissance man.
This artist painted the Sistine Chapel and sculpted 'David.'
He was considered the father of Humanism; wrote poetry, including "Sonnets for Laura"
He wrote 'Praise of Folly' which criticized the Catholic church.
Northern Europe
Because of trade routes, Italian Renaissance ideas spread to: ________________
Humanism and Christianity
The Northern European Renaissance combined these two elements of society: ______ & _____________
Printing Press
Johann Gutenberg's greatest contribution was his invention of the:
Spread ideas easily and increase access to books
The printing press was important because it helped ______________________
A book by Thomas More about a perfect society.
Wealthy merchants
The group of people who supported the Renaissance artists the most.