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  1. Hull House
  2. Jacob Riis
  3. Sweatshops
  4. Advocate
  5. New immigrants
  1. a the most famous settlement house of the period
  2. b push for something
  3. c photographer and journalist who became famous for exposing the horrible conditions in New York City tenements
  4. d from the southern and eastern Europe
  5. e because of the long hours and hot, unhealthy working conditions workplaces

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  1. residential neighborhoods outside of downtown areas
  2. these aid organizations offered immigrants help in cases of sickness, unemployment, or death
  3. landscape architect who designed Central Park
  4. poorly built, overcrowded apartment buildings
  5. public transporation designed to move many people

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  1. Chinese Exclusion Actbanning chinese people from immigrating to United States for 10 years


  2. Settlement Housesgiant retail shops


  3. Mass cultureleisure and cultural activities share by many people


  4. Department Storeneighborhood centers in poor areas that offer education recreation and social activities


  5. Florence Kelleyone important reformer at Hull House